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Blink Wireless Security Camera

Security cameras systemsare an effective way to secure you home and property. They provide a sense of security by scaring potential burglars away or producing evidence to capture criminals. Unfortunately, assumed high costs and complicated installation of security camera systems often discourage people from employing them.

As an alternative, a new wave of convenient, cost-effective multi-purpose surveillance cameras are hitting the market. These offer a budget-friendly option, making it easier for individuals and families to implement security camera systems within their homes. Thanks to a Kickstarter campaign, the next big thing may be Blink, an inexpensive wireless security camera boasting unbelievable features.

Aside from its affordability, Blink is wireless, powered by a battery promising over a year of battery life. The device will even send a reminder alert when power is finally low. Thanks to these features, Blink is very low maintenance and can easily be transferred from different locations.

Blink is also equipped with HD video, motion detection, temperature sensor, night vision, and a built in microphone. The smart phone app instantly alerts you of motion, changes in temperature, and WiFi connection as well as live viewing of your camera feed. Over time and with the proper resources, Blink could possibly more forward into the home automation realm.

Future advancements are not out of the question, but as a new product, there are bound to be downfalls. An issue to address is protection. Blink can be mounted easily to a wall or placed on a shelf, but it lacks safeguards for tampering. Once spotted, a person can damage or destroy it. Also, Blink is only suited for indoor use, but an outdoor option may be available in the future.

Currently, Blink has exceeded its pledge goal of $200,000, proving that the demand for convenience, affordability and security is high. To some skeptics, however, all of these features rolled into one device may be too good to be true. What do you think? Will Blink live up to the hype and become the new security camera craze? We want to hear from you – find us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or Pinterest.

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DIY Home Security Camera System

Ever wondered what you could do with your old cell phones and devices? Of course, if they’re in decent condition, you could make a profit by selling it. But what about those cracked screens or other physical damage? If the camera is working, you can turn those old devices into security camera systems.

If you have an old iPhone or iPad, with the help of an app called Presence, you can create a DIY home security camera system. Both devices are required to download the app, have uninterrupted WiFi connection and a power source. Using one as a camera and the other as a monitor, your home security system is at your fingertips.

If you’re looking for something simple and inexpensive, a DIY home security camera system may be right for you. You can use this system to easily check in on kids, pets, or elderly relatives without installing an elaborate, costly security camera system. The app already employs motion detection and two-way audio and video communication. As these apps advance, even more helpful features will be offered.

What are your thoughts on DIY home security camera systems? Have you tried it out or do you use a formal security camera system for your home or business? Share your thoughts and personal experiences with us. We’re on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and we have a new verified Google+ page.

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Security Drones Capture Up-Close View Of Fireworks Display

We hope everyone enjoyed a fun-filled and safe Fourth of July. Did you catch a public display or legally and safely light your own? Fireworks are a spectacular sight, especially against the backdrop of a dark night sky. Even more breathtaking is the up-close view that drones can achieve. A YouTube search can produce various drone footage of fireworks, but how safe is this practice? Is it time we enforce stricter guidelines on these privately owned devices?

Fireworks safety is a major issue, particularly around this time of year. Adding drones to the mix only heightens the danger. Drones can easily be purchased by inexperienced controllers who may not know how low or high to fly. When capturing footage of fireworks, flying too closely to the display can cause an avoidable accident which may lead to unnecessary injuries. Whether it’s an accidental collision in the air or simply a malfunction of some sort, there are many ways privately owned drones can come crashing down causing more problems below.

While these safety issues arise, use of drones around this time can also be helpful. A recent article stated that a drone caught footage of numerous private fireworks displays in areas where fireworks are prohibited. If the police were to employ drones during this time, with professional controllers, they could potentially catch users of illegal fireworks. This could help decrease fireworks accidents and increase safety among the public.

Share your thoughts on the topic. Are you impressed by the fireworks footage captured by the drones? Do you think better regulations are necessary for drone ownership and usage? Engage with us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest.

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What You Need To Know About Network Video Recorders

Network video recorders, or NVRs, are built to support IP security cameras. NVRs and IP security cameras interact over the same IP network, allowing for wireless connection. For an upgraded, advanced security camera system, switching to IP security cameras and network video recorders is a smart choice.

You have two options when it comes to network video recorders. NVRs can be offered as software only to be installed on a computer dedicated to that system, or you can choose a standalone NVR, with the necessary components built in.

Software for PC-based NVRs may come free with the purchase of your IP security cameras, however, building a PC system dedicated to your security camera system can be costly. While you may use your home computer, having a PC strictly for use with your security camera system may be more secure. Less people will have access to it and risk for obtaining viruses or malware is significantly decreased. PC-based NVRs can be more versatile as upgrading either software or hardware can be easier. For more control over functions and expandability of your network video recorder, a PC-based NVR may suit you better.

Standalone network video recorders can be less complicated to install and use, as everything it needs is embedded within itself. Its compact and straightforward design is user friendly and space efficient. Standalone NVRs are built and optimized to perform specific functions. No other applications can interfere with its performance, greatly decreasing its likelihood of crashing or restarting. While its power consumption is far less than PC-based NVRs, they are limited when it comes to upgrading or expanding memory. If your security camera system is set and expansions are not on the horizon, a standalone NVR may be your best option.

While both types of systems have their advantages and disadvantages, overall, switching from an analog system to an IP system will benefit you in the long run. IP security cameras encode and process the video footage then stream the files to the NVR for viewing and storage. Improved picture quality, better reliability, and faster performance result in upgrading to an IP security camera system.

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Learn How Social Media Can Strengthen Security Cameras Systems

Security surveillance cameras and surveillance systems in themselves offer a sense of security. Unfortunately, they don’t guarantee immunity from any crimes or burglaries. They can only offer potentially helpful footage for the case investigation.

The mere presence of security surveillance cameras themselves can prove beneficial to businesses in deterring bad behavior. For situations when this is not the case and crimes do occur, security surveillance camera footage can serve as evidence of the criminal act and aids in identification of suspects or key witnesses. Using social media to circulate these images or footage can help identify criminals faster.

Social media can reach great lengths in a short amount of time. In fact, a Facebook post of a still image from surveillance footage lead to the same day arrest of a robbery suspect. Authorities are catching on and utilizing surveillance footage in conjunction with social media to get the public’s help in finding potential suspects and witnesses. Not everyone watches the news so by sharing or retweeting these posts, a broader audience is reached, increasing visibility and the chance that the suspect will be identified and caught.

While social media can strengthen security cameras systems overall, the security surveillance cameras themselves should be of high quality and reliable. It’s important to invest in systems with features beneficial to your specific environment. Your options should be weighed depending on your needs and budget.

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