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Happy Thanksgiving From Your Friends At!

With the Thanksgiving holiday upon us, we would like to take a moment to remind you how thankful we are for you and your continued support. Your safety and security matters to us and we are happy to provide you with top notch products and customer service you deserve. From all of us at, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

As a reminder, we will be closed on Thursday, November 26, 2015 and Friday, November 27, 2015 in observance of the Thanksgiving holiday. Our normal business hours will resume on Monday, November 30, 2015. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding.

We hope you all enjoy a safe and happy holiday weekend!

Secure Your Network IP Cameras & Devices

Network IP security cameras are often more attractive to users because they possess their own IP address and can connect to your network. So long as there is a network connected, these IP cameras can be installed nearly anywhere.

While their convenience and performance are alluring, strict safety measures should be enforced. Because they connect to your network, if not properly protected, they can become a vulnerable access point for hackers, and may threaten your overall network security.

If you are considering installing network IP security cameras and devices, please be sure to recognize the different ways to secure your network.

Understand Your Risk
Take a look at your network overall and understand the risks at hand. Research any potential vulnerabilities and figure out what needs protection. With comprehensive information on potential threats, you can better understand what needs to be done. Here are two questions you should ask yourself during this process:

  1. Do I need to separate any data on my network? If your data has no need to interact, it’s probably best that they remain on separate networks. Not only does this help security but it also aids in resource management. Physical wiring or VLAN can help to separate your networks.
  2. Do I have non-traditional network devices on my network? Be wary of any third-party connections and keep an eye on everything that’s connected to your system.  Data breaches have been in the news recently – don’t become a headline. Considering how damaging a data breach could be, it may be wise to increase your budget for security measures.

Secure Your Network Ports
Your network ports are the easiest and most accessible way for hackers to get in. Be sure to secure these entry points.

  • User/Administrator Credential Management: Always, always, ALWAYS change the default usernames and passwords on your devices. That is one of the easiest ways for hackers to gain access to your system. Create separate user and administrative logins, or utilize multi-factor authentication if available, for more protection.
  • Physical Port Security: The basic measure for this is port-based MAC address lockdown, which requires manual provisioning when a port link is lost and then recovered. Further measures depend on what your IP cameras can support. Whatever you have, you should always employ port-based/edge-connection cyber security on all of your network devices.
  • Video & Data Flow Protection: You don’t want strangers accessing your security feed. Be sure to protect your video feed from end to end. To do so, there are various encryption options, some stronger than others. Research your options and choose which method would be best for your system.

Know What Security Options Are Out There
Cyber security is always changing. Keep yourself informed and up-to-date on the latest news and information. You will want to focus on physical security and IT when you are searching the web, or attend seminars and trade shows that focus on those topics. With your ever growing knowledge, you can continue to improve and protect your network devices.

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New Surveillance Technologies

New technologies are always emerging, and consequently, businesses can benefit in many ways. One of the benefits comes in the form of improved video surveillance. New imaging technologies help to enhance our monitoring capabilities. Discover the different ways that these new technologies can impact business surveillance for the better.

Situational Awareness
In order to cover a large area, businesses may opt to install multiple cameras. However, the implementation of numerous cameras can become costly. Using PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) cameras can be helpful, but over time, coordinates may become inaccurate and, thus, ineffective.

However, things like panoramic cameras, increased megapixel resolution, and digital PTZ help to improve image quality and viewing range for more comprehensive monitoring. Surveillance video becomes more effective with the use of video analytics and smart motion detection. As a business, you are able to extract useful customer information and be alerted of unusual activity.

These new technologies improve both indoor and outdoor surveillance. In the case of varying backlight conditions (ex. near entrances or windows), there is wide dynamic range (WDR) and super dynamic range (SSDR) to enable better images. With optical zoom, digital image stabilization, and even fisheye cameras, security cameras are able to capture more. The fisheye cameras are especially helpful in transportation as they can oversee passengers or watch the road ahead. The distorted images can be adjusted for different views and angles.

Budgets are always a concern, so when it comes to security systems, users look at the total cost of ownership (TCO) and return on investment (ROI). With so many options available, and more emerging frequently, it’s hard to determine which is best for your business. When deciding between upgrading to a full IP system or a hybrid system, it may be wise to go with the latter. Hybrid systems enable you to utilize your existing equipment while trying out new equipment. The new 1280H analog security cameras boast CMOS megapixel sensors and may be reason enough to choose a hybrid surveillance system.

With advanced technology comes compatibility with a number of third-party apps to enhance your system. There’s an app for nearly anything you can think of, and if there isn’t, it won’t be long. With that said, if your surveillance system is missing features and functions that you wish you had, you can find apps that enable these functions and are compatible with your system. Aside from adding to your system, apps can help with analytics, alerts, and business strategies.

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Hospital Video Surveillance Technologies

Hospitals work hard to ensure that they provide a clean and safe environment for patients, visitors, and staff alike. From emergency room visits to hospital admissions, safety precautions are in place to protect everyone involved in the process. While these safety measures are valuable and mostly effective, the addition of security camera technologies can have a positive, lasting impact.

Introducing closed-circuit televisions (CCTV) in hospital and health care settings helps to enhance the safety of patients and workers. One obvious benefit is that being monitored often influences behavior for the better. Workers will be more conscious of their job, helping to eliminate potentially life-threatening mistakes. Unfortunately, unintended retention of foreign objects (URFOs) and hospital acquired infections (HAIs) occur more than they should. However, with video surveillance, these instances can be greatly minimized.

Another useful tool is third-party remote video auditing (RVA). Real-time RVA can help to ensure that hand hygiene and surgical safety checklists are being properly performed and executed. The cleaning techniques of medical devices must be done thoroughly and correctly to minimize the transmission of germs. For example, improperly cleaned duodenoscopes helped fuel the outbreak of carbapenem-resistant enterobacteriaceae (CRE) infections earlier this year. With real-time RVA, cleaning and sanitation techniques can be monitored to ensure that another outbreak does not occur.

RVA technology introduced into the ER can increase patient flow to intensive care units (ICU), labor and delivery/C-section areas, and endoscopy. The ability to monitor protocols, address issues, and improve patient services will eventually lead to happier, healthier patients and more lives saved.

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