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Learn How Social Media Can Strengthen Security Cameras Systems

Security surveillance cameras and surveillance systems in themselves offer a sense of security. Unfortunately, they don’t guarantee immunity from any crimes or burglaries. They can only offer potentially helpful footage for the case investigation.

The mere presence of security surveillance cameras themselves can prove beneficial to businesses in deterring bad behavior. For situations when this is not the case and crimes do occur, security surveillance camera footage can serve as evidence of the criminal act and aids in identification of suspects or key witnesses. Using social media to circulate these images or footage can help identify criminals faster.

Social media can reach great lengths in a short amount of time. In fact, a Facebook post of a still image from surveillance footage lead to the same day arrest of a robbery suspect. Authorities are catching on and utilizing surveillance footage in conjunction with social media to get the public’s help in finding potential suspects and witnesses. Not everyone watches the news so by sharing or retweeting these posts, a broader audience is reached, increasing visibility and the chance that the suspect will be identified and caught.

While social media can strengthen security cameras systems overall, the security surveillance cameras themselves should be of high quality and reliable. It’s important to invest in systems with features beneficial to your specific environment. Your options should be weighed depending on your needs and budget.

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What Are The Best Home Security Cameras?

The best home security cameras cover all your needs for a reasonable price.  These home security cameras don’t necessarily need all the fancy features, but can if that’s what you prefer. Convenience, suitability and affordability are key factors.

When planning home security, depending on your intention, you may want to conceal your security cameras. In these cases, hidden cameras or nanny cams would be a better choice because they are often disguised as everyday household products. These can diminish your suspicions about a new nanny or be sure that your kids are behaving while you’re away. On the other hand, blatantly placing camera inside and outside your home may scare criminals away.

Night vision is another key factor in determining which security camera is best for your home security system. For indoor surveillance, controlled lighting makes it easier for a security camera to capture decent footage. For night vision capabilities, the IR distance does not need to be that far as the cameras will most likely be monitoring one room or an entrance. For outdoor cameras, a farther IR distance would work better since you’ll be monitoring a much wider area.

Aside from those factors, choosing between different styles of cameras may rely on what works best with your home. The bullet or dome styles of security cameras are the most common. For home security, these types work just fine and tend to be cost-effective. When deciding between wired or wireless camera systems, it’s wise to keep in mind that once the burglar finds the wires, your entire system can be easily compromised. Wireless systems are usually favored for that reason, as well as not having to bother with cables and the added costs.

Another factor can be whether or not you can control your system or access your live feed via Smart Phone. It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t own a smart phone and isn’t attached at the hip, so the ability to link it to your phone proves beneficial.

Wireless home alarm systems can be a great way to support your security camera system. Motion sensors and door alarms can give you a better sense of security. You can also be alerted immediately if anything is triggered while you’re away.

Find the security cameras and wireless home alarm systems online at or give us a call at 1-888-203-6294. We’re happy to help you choose the right system for your needs.

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