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License Plate Capture Cameras

How Traffic Cameras Improve Safety

Considering all the intersections you have driven through, it’s high likely that you’ve seen a red light camera, keeping a watchful eye over the drivers and pedestrians passing through. Unfortunately, some people may see them as a nuisance, and their benefits are highly underrated. Aside from catching traffic violations, these traffic cameras can catch criminal acts, or provide important information on possible suspects on the run. These benefits prove that traffic cameras should be widely used.

Encourage Safe Driving Habits

The presence of a traffic camera often influences people’s driving behavior in a positive way. For fear of being caught or ticketed, drivers usually slow down and abide by traffic rules. The hope is that this influence will extend far beyond the presence of traffic cameras. Hopefully dangerous driving habits will eventually evolve into safe driving practices, thus increasing safety for everyone.

Help Catch Violators

Aside from influencing behaviors, these traffic cameras can catch those who engage in traffic violations. Ticketing these drivers helps to deter drivers from making the same mistakes again. These traffic cameras can also record license plates and capture still images of faces, cars, or license plates that may have been involved in other crimes. For example, in the case of Amber Alerts, the escape vehicle may be identified on a traffic camera, which will provide information on what time the person crossed that intersection and which direction the person may possibly be headed.

Cost-Effective Alternative

Rather than employing officers at all intersections, the traffic cameras can monitor activity. This allows officers to tend to more pressing duties. Also, when an officer tries to pull someone over for a traffic violation, this can sometimes turn into a dangerous high speed chase. With the traffic cameras, the suspect and his/her vehicle are recorded and can be tracked down in a relatively safe manner.

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Police Surveillance Devices Help Keep The Community Safe

Safety, on all levels, is a major concern. With recent events across the world, now more than ever do we need increased security measures. We should become more vigilant to protect ourselves from possible threats or danger. As our technology continues to improve, law enforcement agencies are taking advantage and utilizing these security devices to keep the people safe.

With advanced license plate readers, high definition security cameras, drones and wide area surveillance, officers are able to do their jobs more efficiently. These devices allow them to better identify and apprehend criminals, resulting in safer communities.

License Plate Readers

License plate readers are often mounted on police cars, allowing officers to monitor drivers for safety. Because these license plate readers are more advanced than before, they can parse through the many plates that zoom by and cross reference them to a criminal database. It makes it easier to find wanted suspects, stolen vehicles, aids in amber alerts, and more. By enabling our officers to capture these criminals, we work toward building safe streets and communities.

High Definition (Facial Recognition)

Security cameras with high definition are becoming more common, and some are even equipped with facial recognition technology. This is obviously helpful in the sense that suspects can be more easily identified when attempting to elude law enforcement. These cameras can also pick up on suspicious activities and alert law enforcement accordingly. For our safety, it is better to be proactive than reactive.

Drones & Wide Area Surveillance

Drones have gained popularity in the commercial arena, however, they can serve an extremely beneficial purpose for security and law enforcement. Much like helicopters can offer an aerial view, drones work the same way, but because of their small size and advanced features, they can better track a suspect, making it harder for him or her to evade police. Wide-area surveillance offers a bigger picture, recording all movement within a given area for hours. When crimes are reported, footage can be reviewed to verify details and stories.

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License Plate Capture Cameras Capture Usable Footage That Identifies License Plates

License plate cameras can be an extremely useful security tool. In cases of traffic violations, hit and run incidents, or locating stolen vehicles, license plate cameras can be vital. Unfortunately, these offenses can sometimes result in serious injuries or tragic losses. When employed properly, license plate cameras can help to identify and detain these criminals.

If you own a business, you can install these cameras in various places to help keep yourself, your employees, and the public safe. Use license plate cameras in your parking lot or situated outdoors to monitor parking areas. If any incidents occur, you can submit your footage to law enforcement to review.  This can be potential evidence to resolve any issues.

Red light cameras are often license plate capture cameras with great zoom and resolution. This allows law enforcement to identify violators by image and vehicle. These cameras can also potentially capture hit and run suspects.

SCE License Plate Capture Camera

We carry our great SCE License Plate Capture camera at With a 700TVL resolution and a 1/3″ Sony Super HAD CCD image sensor, this security camera produces excellent clarity. Its boxy, bullet design makes its appearance easily known in hopes to deter offenders. The design also helps for easy mounting. To learn more about this product, visit us online, or give us a call at 1-888-203-6294.

ZMODO CM-S34909BG HSBLC License Plate Recognition 600 TVL IR WDR Camera

We also carry the ZMODO 600TVL IR WDR License Plate Recognition Camera. This weatherproof bullet security camera is made for outdoor use and makes its presence known. Boasting day and night vision, 600TVL, a 4-9mm Vari-Focal Lens, and a 1/3″ SONY WDR Color CCD image sensor, this license plate camera offers great features for a smart price. Learn more online or call us for more information.

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School Bus Security Cameras and Other Surveillance

The standard yellow school bus just got updated – Dallas County recently unveiled a heightened security school bus. While it looks the same superficially, features such as security cameras, thumbprint scanners and GPS trackers have been added. These measures are an attempt to keep children safe on the way to and from school.

The stop sign that extends when kids are loading and unloading is now equipped with a license plate camera to catch those not obeying the sign. Ignoring the stop sign puts children in potential danger of getting hit by a car. To prevent other accidents, security cameras are also placed low on the front and back of the buses. This will minimize blind spots and help drivers catch small children that may be out of naked eye’s view.

For added security, a thumb scanner greets the students upon entering. Students authorized to ride the bus will be in the system already. The scanner will alert the driver if the student’s thumbprint does not match any in the system. Once inside, more cameras cover the span of the bus. A code of conduct is dispersed to students so that they know what kind of behavior is expected and what will not be tolerated. The driver makes sure that students are buckled safely before departing.

The bus also has a communication system set up so that, in case of emergencies, the bus can contact headquarters and vice versa. The GPS tracker is also a helpful bonus so that headquarters can keep track of where the students are located. When situations are dire, this system may help to provide speedier response time and better care since they have access to surveillance feeds and can see what is happening in real time.

In regards to funding, as these additions seem costly, the county is footing the bill. They assure everyone that the school district need not supply additional funds. This helps the district focus their funds and efforts elsewhere, such as bettering the quality of education.

Concerns may arise on how successful these security tactics will be. How necessary is the thumbprint scanner? Will the stop sign cameras really deter drivers from running them? Could the county funds be put to better use? Only time will tell.

Privacy may also be an issue with the heavy use of security cameras inside and outside of the bus. If the interior security cameras will prevent misbehavior or bullying, they are worth a shot. However, the outdoor cameras, depending on what is caught on camera can potentially be troublesome.

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