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Fireworks Safety Tips For National Safety Month

Here at, we care about you and your safety. With the 4th of July holiday upon us, it is important to remember that fireworks are fun, but they can also be very dangerous. In fact, on the holiday, two out of five fires reported are started by fireworks (via National Fire Protection Association).

Before you start your Independence Day celebrations, please review these fireworks safety tips.

  • Sparklers burn at 1200°F. Who doesn’t love sparklers? While they seem like innocent fun for kids and adults, improper handling can result in avoidable injuries.
  • Leave the fireworks to the professionals. Consumer fireworks pose a threat to your safety as well as the safety of others around you. Not to mention that fireworks are illegal in most cities.
  • Safest way to enjoy fireworks is to attend a public display conducted by trained professionals. Why not sit back, relax, and enjoy a beautiful fireworks display with your loved ones? There is no shortage of fireworks displays, especially for the holiday.
  • Never pick up fireworks after a display – may still be active. Children are especially curious, so be vigilant of your kids and aware of the surroundings to avoid any potential accidents.

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We hope you enjoy a fun and safe holiday weekend. Happy 4th of July from your friends at!

IHS Report 2014: Security Camera Systems

By now you know how beneficial security camera systems can be in terms of safety and protection. The popularity of security cameras and CCTV systems seems to be steadily growing. The advances in our technology are expanding our capabilities, adding to the allure of surveillance camera systems. But how many people actually use security cameras?

According to a report from IHS, there were 245 million professionally installed video surveillance cameras active and operational globally in 2014. This number does not reflect the other security camera systems (ex. DIY, plug-and-play) that consumers employ. It is great to see that many people are taking their protection and security seriously and installing security camera systems to combat crimes and burglaries.

Other findings from this research showed that most systems were analog, but it’s estimated that over 20% were network IP cameras, and 2% HD CCTV cameras. Of the study, 68% of installed security cameras were in Asia. Forecasts show that this percentage will increase in the coming years, likely due to the China’s role in the security camera industry.

Depending on the region, you will see different values placed on cost and reliability. For example, in China, prices are relatively low, but there is a higher replacement rate. In Europe and North America, costs are higher as a result of more reliable products that need replacement less frequently.

Do these findings surprise you? What type of surveillance do you employ? Share tips and get advice from peers on our social networks – Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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What You Need To Know About Outdoor Cameras

Your home security system can be made up of a variety of security measures. Locks, alarms, motion sensors, the list goes on. However, security cameras can play a defining role. Security cameras can capture important footage when it comes to identifying suspects and for the purpose of hard evidence. But the goal of a home security system is to stop criminals before they act. Outdoor security cameras can help to deter burglars from targeting or entering your home. While indoor security cameras provide their own benefits, outdoor security cameras can act as your first line of defense.

Outdoor security cameras are built differently than indoor cameras in the sense that they must withstand much harsher conditions and adjust to varying lighting conditions. If the camera isn’t weatherproof, waterproof, and vandal proof, there is optional housing you may purchase, built to preserve and protect your cameras.


The location of your outdoor security cameras is ever important. You want them to be seen, yet not within reach for tampering. Evaluate the perimeter of your property, taking note of any places where burglars can hide or any dark corners. Common points of entry and detached garages or tool sheds will also warrant surveillance, as they are easier targets.

Wired Vs. Wireless

Wired outdoor security cameras will have a relatively reliable power source, as they are physically connected to it. However, depending on the location of your cameras, additional wiring may be necessary, and, consequently, may cost more. Another downside is that burglars can cut wires to disable your system.

Wireless security cameras are easy to install and move from different locations. Since they run on internal batteries, you must closely monitor your battery power to ensure your system is working properly. Also, wireless systems run the risk of interference from other electronic devices nearby.

While there are pros and cons to both types, you should consider your circumstances and choose the types of security cameras which suit you best.

Specs & Features

Image quality is important, especially outdoors where lighting conditions vary constantly. It is wise to choose security cameras with high resolution and day and night vision. These cameras will provide improved quality images in varying lighting conditions. Remember, color cameras may produce better picture quality, however, black and white cameras typically work better in low light conditions. As stated previously, choosing cameras that weatherproof, waterproof, and vandal proof may fare better in the long run.

Recording & Storage

Your recording and storage needs will depend on how you want access and save your footage. There are digital video recorders (DVRs) for most cameras, while network video recorders (NVRs) are usually reserved for network IP cameras. DVRs and NVRs usually store footage on a hard drive, but the size of the hard drive will depend on your individual needs. You may also set up a schedule for your system to delete old, unnecessary footage. You can monitor your feed in real time on a monitor or your home computer. Some systems also offer remote surveillance, where you can access it through your mobile phone or device/tablet. These offer added convenience and can even alert you of suspicious activity.

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How Traffic Cameras Improve Safety

Considering all the intersections you have driven through, it’s high likely that you’ve seen a red light camera, keeping a watchful eye over the drivers and pedestrians passing through. Unfortunately, some people may see them as a nuisance, and their benefits are highly underrated. Aside from catching traffic violations, these traffic cameras can catch criminal acts, or provide important information on possible suspects on the run. These benefits prove that traffic cameras should be widely used.

Encourage Safe Driving Habits

The presence of a traffic camera often influences people’s driving behavior in a positive way. For fear of being caught or ticketed, drivers usually slow down and abide by traffic rules. The hope is that this influence will extend far beyond the presence of traffic cameras. Hopefully dangerous driving habits will eventually evolve into safe driving practices, thus increasing safety for everyone.

Help Catch Violators

Aside from influencing behaviors, these traffic cameras can catch those who engage in traffic violations. Ticketing these drivers helps to deter drivers from making the same mistakes again. These traffic cameras can also record license plates and capture still images of faces, cars, or license plates that may have been involved in other crimes. For example, in the case of Amber Alerts, the escape vehicle may be identified on a traffic camera, which will provide information on what time the person crossed that intersection and which direction the person may possibly be headed.

Cost-Effective Alternative

Rather than employing officers at all intersections, the traffic cameras can monitor activity. This allows officers to tend to more pressing duties. Also, when an officer tries to pull someone over for a traffic violation, this can sometimes turn into a dangerous high speed chase. With the traffic cameras, the suspect and his/her vehicle are recorded and can be tracked down in a relatively safe manner.

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Home Security Cameras Provide Added Protection

Basic home protection starts with sturdy locks for doors and windows and may even extend to fencing around your property. While these simple measures can help safeguard your home and loved ones, all vulnerability is not lost. Installing security cameras can prevent your home from being a target.

Keep An Eye On Your Surroundings

Installing outdoor security cameras helps you watch for suspicious activity on your property. You can see who is knocking on your front door, monitor other points of entry for burglars, or even keep a watchful eye on your garage and backyard. Garages become targets because they are easy to break into and whenever the door is open, you can see everything inside. Because thieves do not want to get caught, a security camera in plain sight can discourage them.

Aside from keeping an eye out for intruders, you can also conveniently monitor your loved ones. If you have to stay inside for whatever reason while your family is in the pool or a play area outside, you can monitor them from indoors.

Nanny Cams and Baby Monitors

When it comes to your children, we understand how important they are and how you will do anything to keep them safe. Nanny cams can help reassure that they are safe and both nanny and kids are on their best behavior. Rather than calling to check in, you can easily and discreetly monitor your nanny cam feed.

You can also use security cameras that transmit both audio and video as a makeshift baby monitor. For example, you can install an audio security camera above your baby’s crib and connect it to a monitor in another room. Any crying or noises can be conveniently checked via monitor first to see if further investigation is necessary.

Protect Your Valuables

Installing security cameras indoors can help you monitor who comes in and out. This can be especially beneficial if you run a home business. You can monitor employees and clients when they are in your home so that your prized possessions are secure. Or, if you have older teenagers, you can make sure they are abiding by the rules while you’re away.

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