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LifeLine Response, A Personal Alarm System

We all know how innovative apps can be these days, but did you ever think your phone could immediately help you in an emergency? Not only does the LifeLine Response app allow your phone to become a panic button, but at the release of your thumb from the button, police are notified and dispatched while a drone speeds to your rescue.

The LifeLine Response app, created by Peter Cahill, was inspired by an attempted abduction on Cahill’s nieces. The app, available for iPhones and Androids (availability for Windows phones coming soon), costs $9.99 yearly, but can provide safety for many. LifeLine Response likens the app “as a home alarm system you can take with you everywhere you go.”

Once the app is installed on your phone, you can open it when you feel concerned about your safety. The press of a button connects you to controllers, and you can express your concern. As soon as pressure is released from the button, law enforcement and a drone will be sent to your GPS location. The drone travels 60 mph and can stay with you until authorities arrive, or it can follow the suspect, all the while recording the incident. Besides its recording abilities and speed, the drone is meant to scare off a potential attacker to provide safety for the individual.

Cahill ensures that efforts have been made so that their drones comply with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations. The drones would be stored at appropriate law enforcement headquarters, enabling quick response to potential crime scenes. It has been reported that about 30 college, corporate, and hospital campuses have elected to be of the first to use this technology, though names have not been disclosed.

While this endeavor seems promising, do you think the masses will accept this type of emergency system? As drones gain in popularity and their applications expand, do you believe this app, in particular, will shine a good light on drone use? Join our discussion on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest!

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Hidden Security Cameras Track Student Attendance

The importance of class attendance in relation to good grades was likely questioned and tested during college years (maybe even during high school for some). Whatever your excuse, there has likely been a time when your skipped a class. Some professors take attendance, whether verbally, through sign in sheets, or through their own method. Others simply go by the honor system, or leave attendance up to you. Regardless of your presence or absence, how would you feel about attendance being taken via hidden security cameras?

At Harvard, students’ attendance was tracked via hidden security cameras, without the professors’ or students’ knowledge. Hidden cameras were placed in lecture halls to take photos, which were later analyzed. Students were not positively identified; rather the amount of occupied seats was compared to enrollment numbers. Immediately after analyzing, photos were destroyed. Despite the fact that the experiment was submitted to a review board before being carried out, students and professors were still unhappy when the news surfaced. Moving forward, the undergraduate’s Dean’s office will be involved when approving studies conducted on campus.

Had the students been informed, do you think this would influence students to attend class, thus producing inaccurate or misleading numbers? We would love for you to share your opinions with us and your peers respectfully – find us on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest.

When you consider using hidden security cameras, like nanny cams or spy cameras, please be sure to research your local laws regarding video and audio recording. Hidden security cameras are generally not allowed in areas with an expectation of privacy, such as restrooms, bedrooms, or dressing rooms. It is your responsibility to use these cameras legally and lawfully.

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Tips To Secure Your Security Camera System

By now, you may have heard of the website that hacks into various security camera feeds that have not changed the default names and passwords for their systems. The supposed goal of the site is to “show the importance of security settings” by making various business and home security camera footage available to Internet users.

As disturbing as this website is, it is important to get the word out on how to secure your IP security camera system. Use these tips to keep your private security camera system private.

Change The Default Admin Name And Admin Password

If you haven’t already, please change your account names and passwords. As previously stated, the security cameras were accessed because users failed to change the default names and passwords, allowing anyone with internet access and patience to login to their accounts. Keep password requirements on and choose strong passwords. Try to use different passwords for every account, with 10 or more characters including upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols. The stronger the password, the harder it will be to hack into your system, keeping your business or home safe from strangers’ eyes.

Keep Each IP Camera Secure

Connect your IP cameras to your local network and assign non-routable internal IP addresses. For help with this, you may need to contact your IP camera manufacturer. Take it a step further by password protecting each camera as well. You may need to manually turn this feature on after set-up. It may be tough to keep track of all your passwords, but it will be worth it to keep your surveillance feed secure.

Read The Fine Print

Be sure that your system uses encryption to protect your data, especially if you’re using wireless cameras. Encrypted data provides yet another measure to protect against hackers. Also, be sure the website in which you access your live feed begins with “https” vs. “http” as the former possesses added protection.

Keep Firmware Up-To-Date

Keep an eye out for firmware updates as they address any vulnerability issues that may arise. If you miss an update, your system may be susceptible to prying eyes. Your manufacturer will likely post alerts on their website, so you may choose to subscribe to their website or set personal reminders to periodically check for updates yourself.

Be Mindful Of Security Camera Placement

Place cameras in locations you wouldn’t mind strangers seeing. Don’t place them in areas that would make you feel uncomfortable or where there is an expectation of privacy. In the unfortunate event that your system becomes compromised, you’ll at least know what people can and cannot see.

As we implement security measures in the form of security cameras and systems, it is always wise to secure these devices as well. Security cameras help us conveniently monitor our properties while we’re away, but if the wrong people gain access, not only does it violate our privacy, but we can become targets. Prevent hackers from gaining access by utilizing the tips mentioned above.

Do you have any other tips or personal experiences to share? Help your peers by sharing with us on our social networks – Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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Surveillance Drones Act As Activity Trackers

Utilizing a surveillance system demonstrates the ability to aid in suspect identification to help solve crimes. Technological advances have expanded these systems to overhead monitoring via aircrafts, similar to drones. Persistent Surveillance Systems (PSS) has created a manned aircraft equipped with several cameras to record ground activity over a 25 sq mile (64.7 sq km) area.

The PSS aircraft is houses 12 high-resolution cameras which work together to create one wide range view to be transmitted to analysts below. Persons in question are able to be tracked, but cannot be clearly identified from these cameras.

Instead, tracking a person’s movement is the goal. These aircrafts were tested in different areas. For nine days in early 2012, the PSS aircraft was used in Compton, CA. During this time, the PSS surveillance footage captured various crimes. The suspect’s movement before and after the occurrence were recorded. Access to this information, in conjunction with firsthand testimony, helps to create accurate timelines.

This information can offer some insight on details of the crime, possible accomplices, whether it was premeditated or not, and more. By having an aerial view and being able to accurately track persons, we can more quickly and effectively locate those evading police. We can save time, money, and manpower as the PSS aircraft can do the work in the sky. These surveillance aircrafts could be vital in capturing and punishing suspects, thus restoring the safety and security of our neighborhoods.

Do you think your local police department should adopt this type of technology to help prevent crimes? Please share your thoughts with us on our social media sites. You can find us on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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