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Why You Should Install A Dash Cam

Dash cams are growing in popularity as more and more drivers are finding value in installing them. Whether you install a simple, front-facing dash cam or invest in a more comprehensive monitoring system for your vehicle, there are many ways these devices can benefit you. Here are a few reasons why you may want to consider installing a dash cam in your car.

  • Accidents
    When accidents occur, drivers recollections can vary. Normally, police would gather reports from those involved in the accident along with any eye witnesses. However, with dash cam footage, you have hard evidence of the incident which can help determine who was at fault and potentially save you from increased insurance rates. In addition, the video footage can possibly expedite your claim by avoiding numerous discussions with insurance companies to determine who was at fault.
  • Tickets
    Your dash cam may save you from a wrongfully issued ticket. Since moving traffic violations typically give you points on your state driving record, which usually result in higher car insurance rates, it may be worth it to install a dash cam. If you feel you were wrongfully stopped, you can supply the officer with your dash cam footage. If the officer refuses to watch it, you can bring it to court to contest your ticket.
  • Insurance Fraud
    Unfortunately, insurance fraud is more common than you would think. If you feel you may have been involved in or witnessed a staged accident, your dash cam footage can be turned into the insurance companies involved or the state insurance fraud unit for investigation.
  • Improve Driving
    If you feel so inclined, you can review your daily driving videos to become a better driver. You can watch your videos to identify driving mistakes and ways to prevent them, such as braking too hard or switching lanes abruptly.
  • Teenage Drivers
    If you have teenage drivers in the family, you can review their driving skills and habits so you can help them avoid accidents or tickets. For these cases, a two-way dash cam can help you see what’s going on both on the road and inside the vehicle. Not only can this help keep your child safe, but a clean driving record can keep your insurance rates low as well.
  • Security
    Some dash cams provide a standby mode which allows the camera to turn on when motion in or around the car is detected. If someone tries to break into your car or hits your parked car, you get video footage to identify what happened and the persons responsible. You can submit this as evidence to the police as well as your insurance company to prove how the damage was done.
  • Unexpected Events
    You’ve seen those viral dash cam videos that capture incredible events like meteors or other celestial events in the sky. While these are interesting and often once in a lifetime occurrences, you can also capture things like a deer running into the road causing an accident or a rockslide that caused damage to your car. In these instances, you can provide your insurance company with evidence to prevent rate hikes.

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How Dash Cams Can Help You

Thanks to their popularity in Russia, we have an abundant supply of dash cam footage, from heart-stopping driving blunders to failed carjackings and more. While these videos often go viral, dash cams serve a much more meaningful purpose.

Because the streets of Russia are often filled with lawless drivers, many have turned to dash cams for their own safety. The use of dash cams is also spreading to the rest of Europe, Australia, and even the US. Many patrol cars are equipped with dash cams that record both the inside of the cabin and the road ahead.

What Are Dash Cams?
Dash cams are relatively small in size and are often mounted onto your windshield via suction cup. They can plug into a 12V power supply within your car, and most have a backup battery to save footage in case power is lost. Video is usually recording on a continuous loop on an SD card; when storage is full, the oldest footage is deleted first to make space for the new recordings.

You get what you pay for when it comes to dash cams. With a higher price tag, you usually get dash cams with built-in GPS, which tracks your speed and location, better night vision resolution, and parking mode.

Dash Cam Benefits
Dash cams were largely adopted by taxis, trucks, bus drivers, and businesses with large fleets. Now, everyday drivers are using them as a way to provide evidence when a collision occurs. Aside from witness accounts, which can be fairly subjective and sometimes inaccurate, dash cams can provide hard evidence.

Despite this, installing a dash cam may not lower your insurance rate, but it can help speed up the process when you are involved in a crash. The footage obtained is admissible in court and can help determine who is at fault. It can also help to prevent insurance fraud, in which drivers deliberately cause accidents to extort money.

Aside for aiding in the case of car accidents, dash cams can also capture parking incidents, road rage, and even help parents feel at ease by monitoring teenage drivers.

If you are considering investing in a dash cam, here are a few things you should look for:

  • Automatic loop recording
  • Seamless recording – to eliminate gaps in recording
  • Heat resistance
  • Impact detection
  • Powered shutdown and file write – saves footage when you lose power in an accident
  • Wide angle lens – provides better coverage
  • High resolution – at least 1080HD for license plate capture
  • Built-in display screen with removable memory card
  • Night Vision

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Dash Cam 101: What You Need To Know

Dash cams are gaining in popularity and it could be beneficial to install one in your vehicle. There have been a handful of viral videos that originated from dash cam footage, but what exactly is a dash cam?

Dash Cams
Dash cams are designed to capture the view from your front windshield, back windshield, or the interior of your car. You may use more than one camera depending on what you would like to monitor. Dash cams, or dashboard cameras, are most often installed on your dashboard or your windshield using a suction cup.

How Are They Used?
The most obvious reason for installing a dash cam is to have hard evidence in case of a car crash. Dash cam footage can help to determine who is at fault. This can help to expedite insurance claims processing or even help police in filing charges.

‘Crash-for-cash’ insurance scams can attribute to more people installing dash cams. This is when scammers slam on their brakes in front of innocent drivers and try to claim money from that driver’s insurance. The reasoning behind this is that in these cases, the driver behind is usually assumed to be at fault.

While most places allow dash cams, others have strict rules for their use. For example, you won’t see dash cams in Austria as they are forbidden, and the use of dash cams in Switzerland is strongly discouraged. In Germany, however, dash cam footage is allowed to be used for personal reasons or as evidence in a court of law.

What To Look For
So you have made the decision and you want to invest in a dash cam. You can find forward-facing or rear-facing cameras, along with combination packs and ‘duo cams’. Be aware that ‘duo cams’ monitor the interior of the car, which is helpful for taxi companies, rather than out the back. Once you decide what type of dash cam you need, you can start thinking about specs.

As with nearly all cameras, you want the one with the best picture quality for a reasonable price. When it comes to insurance claims, you will want to be able to read the license plates of every vehicle in question.

And unless you only plan on driving while the sun is out, your dash cam should feature day and night vision, which most, if not all, possess. Aside from this, you will want to look for a polarized lens which helps to resist glare from sun during the daytime and from other cars and lights during the night.

You should also be conscious about prioritizing video storage so that you don’t lose vital evidence. Most dash cams record on a loop, but some have technology that senses a sudden change in g-force (which may be caused by an impact) and will prevent that footage from being lost.

Your dash cam video footage should also be easily accessible, whether it can be viewed on the device itself, through a mobile app, TV, or computer. Companion apps can be helpful as you are able to access and manage your dash cam remotely and easily.

While it seems like common sense, it is worth mentioning that your mounting equipment should be of top quality to ensure secure mounting.

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Dash Cams: How Can They Help You?

Commonly used by authorities, dash cams are growing in popularity among drivers. Employing a dash cam in your car can help protect you. Should you be involved in a car accident, dash cam footage could provide evidence to who was at fault and help speed up the claims process. As a result, you may even avoid increases in your insurance premiums. But the benefits don’t stop there.

Fight Insurance Fraud
Aside from having record of your accident, you can help prevent insurance fraud. If you suspect the accident you were involved in, or one that you may have witnessed, may be a scam, you can turn in your video footage for review. It’s important to stop these scammers before you or someone you know becomes a victim.

Getting Out Of A Ticket
In the event that you were stopped for a traffic violation you did not commit, dash cam footage can help to prove your innocence. If the officer refuses to watch the video, you may bring it to court to contest the ticket.

Improve Your Driving Skills
Reviewing your driving footage can help you become a better driver. You can identify your weaknesses and improve upon them.

Review Your Teen’s Driving Habits
Or if you have newly licensed teenagers, you can monitor their driving habits. A two-way dash cam may help in this situation so that you can see whether they are paying attention to the road or not. Much like improving your skills, you can review the footage with your teen and offer tips or advice.

Keep An Eye On Your Unattended Vehicle
You can protect your car while you’re not in it. Most dash cams have standby mode, which is usually equipped with motion detection t activate recording. If someone hits your car, tries to break in, or causes any damage, you could potentially have footage of the responsible party. Releasing this footage to your insurance and to authorities could help you find the culprit.

Capture Unexpected Events
You’ve likely seen the incredible dash cam videos that captured the Chelyabinsk meteor in Russia or the plane crash in Taiwan earlier this year. While most of your footage may be mundane, you never know what you’ll record.

Dash cams can help to keep you safe and can be a great asset for your car insurance. Do you have a dash cam in your vehicle? How has it helped you? Share your experiences with us on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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Protect Your Vehicle With A Car Camera

You’ve likely seen dash cam footage from police cars, which is utilized to keep both officers and the public safe. But did you know investing in a dash cam for your own car could benefit you?

Dash cams provide great evidence for any auto accidents you may encounter. If you’re involved in a car accident, you can provide footage to tell what happened and who is at fault. If your car is parked, you can keep your camera rolling in case something happens while you’re away. Aside from this, dash cams can also capture the unexpected things you come upon on your drive, or can even aid in documenting a road trip. There are countless benefits to installing a dash cam in your car.

If you’re considering investing in a dash cam, our Thinkware FXD700 Full HD Car DVR Blackbox Camera with GPS is a great choice. This dash cam provides 1920×1080 Full HD Video Recording with a 16GB memory card. This amazing picture quality will provide great footage, whether it will be used for evidence or fun memories.

The different recording modes allow you to capture the footage that you want. Continuous recording is automatically activated when you start the engine, and there is no need to recharge or replace the battery. The built-in gyro sensor detects impact, and with Incident recording, starts saving footage 10 seconds before an impending collision. When the car isn’t running, the camera goes into Parking Mode, which acts upon motion detection. This motion detection can also catch any potential burglars lurking around your car.

With built-in GPS, speed and location can be determined. This can be especially helpful for any accidents on the road, as people sometimes forget the details before impact. The GPS can also help you keep an eye on your kids and their driving habits.

Improve your car safety with our Thinkware FXD700 Full HD Car DVR Blackbox Camera with GPS. With a beautiful design, convenient features, and a cost-effective price, you’ll be pleased with your purchase.

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