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Features Of A Pen Hidden Camera

Ever wish you could record video or capture pictures without getting caught? The Cobra Digital DPS030 4GB Digital Camera Pen may be the product for you. Disguised as a functioning ballpoint pen, this hidden spy camera is completely unassuming.

The Cobra Digital DPS030 4GB Digital Camera Pen has a 4GB internal memory and can record up to 2 hours with a full charge. The videos are AVI files with a 640×480 resolution, while the pictures are JPEG format with a 1280×1024 resolution. Capture candid moments in the office or on the go without anyone catching on. An added bonus – the pen actually works!

The Power/Capture button is located at the top of the pen, where it would normally click. The camera lens is located near the clip and the light indicator is on the opposite side. You may unscrew the pen to reveal a USB which you can plug directly into your computer to upload files. This enables you to clear the internal memory as necessary.

With a rechargeable battery and plug-and-play capability through your computer, the Cobra Digital DPS030 4GB Digital Camera Pen is a convenient and inconspicuous hidden camera. For its small size, it produces quality picture and video. Whatever your surveillance need, Cobra Digital DPS030 4GB Digital Camera Pen can be an inexpensive, handy alternative.

Visit us at to learn more about this product, or other hidden camera options. If you have any questions, give us a call at 1-888-203-6294.

4 Channel DVR Package with 4 Dome Security Cameras – On Sale Now!

In need of a surveillance system but don’t know where to start? Here at, you’ll find all the components you need for your surveillance system, from 4 channel DVRs to up to 32 channel DVRs, as well as various types of security cameras. Even better, we have CCTV system packages which include the essentials to get you started.

4 Dome Security Cameras Specials and SalesOur SCE 4 Channel Package with 4 cameras is perfect for smaller businesses or home use. This package includes a 4 channel DVR, 4 dome security cameras, a 250GB hard drive, a 5Amp power supply, 4 30ft. premade cables and a 4 split pigtail.

The SCE DVR-7004 EH.264 4 Channel Real-Time CIF DVR will work together with the 250GB hard drive to store all the data and footage you capture. Of many special features, this 4 channel DVR has digital zoom, which may be manipulated in both preview and playback.  Mobile monitoring is also enabled, supported by iPhone, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Symbian and Android. This package provides flexible monitoring options allowing you a sense of security.

There are 4 600TVL CMOS dome security cameras included in this package (2 plastic and 2 vandal proof). While placement is under your discretion, these plastic and vandal proof options allow you to utilize your dome security cameras indoors and outdoors, should you choose too. The Plastic CMOS dome cameras possess 600TV Lines and 3.6mm board lenses. The Vandal Proof CMOS dome cameras have 600TV Lines and a 50ft. range. All 4 cameras are similar which will provide consistent quality monitoring for your business or property.

The 5Amp power supply, premade cables and 4 split pigtail will help you connect and power your security cameras and 4 channel DVR. The 4 premade cables should only be run along exterior walls while not exceeding 33ft (10m). will cover installation so long as it is within a 25 mile radius of Pomona, CA 91767. We also include a 6 month warranty and a brief 15 minute training session with this package. Network configurations, however, are not included; we will provide you with all the port numbers and application names that are compatible.

For a complete, affordable package including dome security cameras, a 4 channel DVR and compatible parts and accessories, choose our SCE 4 Channel Package with 4 cameras. We also carry 8 camera and 16 camera packages.

To learn more about this package, or any other packages, call us at 1-888-203-6294 or visit to browse the selection.

The Evolution of the Kodak Box Camera

Box security cameras have come a long way and still hold their own within the security camera realm amongst the advanced items currently available. The simple design and execution of the box cameras provide performance without the daunting price tag. Box cameras began as a plain cardboard or plastic box with a lens on one end and film on the other. With advancing technology and ever-changing innovation, box cameras and their relevance in the photography, film and surveillance world has been well established. No need for all the bells and whistles; box cameras and box security cameras get the job done.

Early on, photography was rather expensive and time-consuming. In 1888, the Kodak Box Camera was introduced with the tagline being “You press the button – we do the rest.” Simply take a picture with your box camera and Kodak would do the rest. Thus the concept of the “snapshot” was born. However, because of its clear-cut design, there were limitations to the box cameras. Daytime was the best time to utilize box cameras since the entrance of light was restricted. Kodak became a household name and the major contender for photography, film and cameras all thanks to George Eastman. The affordable Kodak Brownie camera was a new type of box cameras introduced in 1900, allowing more people the ability to take up photography as a hobby, thus increasing the market demand.

The 20th century was a fruitful time for Kodak and the box camera, which produced many milestones for photography and motion picture. The first 8mm amateur motion-picture film was introduced while color film, motion picture cameras and projectors also made their debuts. These items, along with improved technology, set the tone for box cameras being used for security and surveillance purposes.

Box security cameras today still maintain the elementary build. The boxy shape makes box security cameras easy to mount, eliminating most complications with installation. For use indoors or outdoors, box security cameras are versatile and durable, making them great additions to any surveillance system. No longer utilizing actual film, the box security cameras are likely to be connected to a digital video recorder (DVR). Box security cameras do not come with a lens; you must purchase that part separately. While some may find this inconvenient, it can be noticeably beneficial. By selecting your own lens, you are free to find the lens suited to your needs. Also, you may purchase various lenses and interchange them with your box security camera as necessary. The advancement of lenses allows for more light to enter, as well as improved focusing due to specified viewing ranges for each lens.

While box cameras and box security cameras have evolved over time, the basic concept has remained. The box cameras are reminiscent of simpler times, providing consumers these days an affordable yet sophisticated product utilizing fundamental elements in the form of box security cameras. Consumers seem to fancy the idea of mixing a little old school with new school technology.

Looking to add box security cameras to your surveillance system? Browse our box security camera selection at or give us a call at 1-888-203-6294 and our staff will gladly provide assistance.

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