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Solar Security Camera Systems

With the Green movement gaining momentum, more and more people are becoming eco-conscious. Energy efficiency is an important aspect and solar security camera systems fit right in. To service our eco-friendly customers, will soon carry solar security cameras and systems.

There are numerous upsides to solar security camera systems. First and foremost, energy consumption is diminished. Consequently, systems are wireless, providing better adaptability. Solar security systems will end up saving you money in the long run.

Because all the components of the system are solar powered, the need for direct connection to a power source is diminished. As a result, your energy bill will decrease significantly. The system’s versatility is largely due to its wireless functionality. Solar security cameras can be installed where power sources are not readily available. So long as placement avoids shade or covering of solar panels, which potentially interferes with its natural power source, these systems should work adequately. As with all systems, maintenance should be done periodically to ensure proper functioning. With solar security cameras and systems, you may notice they are much more self-sufficient than the rest.

Solar security camera systems usually incorporate solar powered cameras, motion sensors and lighting systems. Solar powered motion sensors help to conserve power while alerting as soon as motion is detected. Solar powered lighting allows for better picture quality in low light environments. They also allow for greater illumination in specific areas of interest. Paired with motion detection and security cameras, you can identify possible intruders in the night and possibly scare them away.

Various locations can benefit from solar security camera systems. Wide, open environments like oil and gas well sites, construction sites, parks and public recreation areas are great for solar security systems. Due to the lack of power sources and the ample amount of light sources, solar security cameras could thrive whereas other security cameras would be challenging or expensive to install.

We will be carrying solar security camera systems soon – keep an eye out for updates. For now, browse our selection of wireless security cameras, network IP cameras, HD-SDI security cameras and more at Call us toll-free at 1-888-203-6294 to speak to us directly.

Choosing the right camera lenses

Need a lens for your security camera, but unsure of what you need? Having trouble deciphering the specs? Let us be of assistance. Below you’ll find some clarification to help you find what you need.

If you’re shopping for a camera lens, it is likely that you have a box security camera. Box security cameras usually don’t include lenses, which is part of their allure, allowing them to be adaptable. It is pertinent to know whether the lens and the camera are compatible. This is done by checking whether the lens and the camera are C Mount or CS Mount. These mounts are essentially older and newer versions of mounts, respectively. The CS mount is 5mm shorter, making it closer to the image sensor. The important aspect to know is that when the camera and mounting formats are the same, the system should work properly.

With the use of a C/CS adapter, a C Mount Lens may be paired with a CS Camera. Do not mount the lens directly without the adapter as this may cause physical damage. On the other hand, a CS Mount Lens with a C Mount Camera will not cause physical damage, but the picture will never be clearly focused. The main take-away is to find a compatible lens for your security camera.

The measurement provided, usually in millimeters (mm), refers to the focal length and not the actual size of the lens. The focal length determines the size of the viewing field and its magnification. With longer focal lengths, a narrower picture will be captured with greater magnification. With shorter focal lengths, a wider view is produced with decreased magnification.

In regards to focal length, there are two options: fixed or vari-focal. As the names imply, fixed lenses have a set focal length that cannot be manipulated. Vari-Focal is derived from “variable focus” meaning the focal length can be adjusted for zooming in and out. Focal lengths for vari-focal lenses are provided as ranges rather than a specific length.

One more thing to consider is manual or auto focus. Manual iris lenses allow you to physically control the focus, whereas auto iris lenses can we controlled electronically. Manual iris lenses are better suited for settings where lighting remains constant and the cameras are easily accessible for adjustment when necessary. Auto iris lenses adjust to varying lighting conditions to maintain the best picture and need not be accessible.

When considering camera lenses, placement of the cameras should be considered as well. Manual iris lenses are better suited for indoor settings where lighting is fairly consistent. Auto iris lenses are better suited for outdoor use or other settings with varying light levels. If zooming in and out is a necessity, go with a vari-focal lens rather than fixed. And if you need a wider range of vision, opt for the shorter focal length. Need a more narrow and precise range? A longer focal length is your friend.

If you now have a better understanding and are ready to shop, find our selection at Still confused? Feel free to call us at 1-888-203-6294 and chat with our friendly staff.

Security Cameras in Hospitals

Hospitals are often associated with recovery from illnesses. Patients are vulnerable because they are usually in a weakened state. It seems almost absurd that these facilities for healing would ever be targeted, but sadly they are. Every so often you may hear a story of an attempted kidnapping of newborns, stolen laptops containing sensitive information about patients or even shootings within the premises. The fact of the matter is these hospitals need comprehensive security to keep the patients as well as the workers safe.

There are many facets when discussing safety. Visitors must check in to prevent possible trespassers. This, of course, is to keep both staff and patients safe and protect the privacy of health information. We must also keep the patients safe from possible abuse from staff. In the same strain, the staff must be kept safe from aggressive patients who may attack.

Patients can benefit from security cameras because it is not fiscally feasible to have a 1:1 ratio for staff and patients. The security cameras act as an extra pair of eyes. Monitoring the feeds may help find a distressed patient before it’s too late. The cameras may also catch suspicious activity or unwelcome visitors who have somehow bypassed check-in.

The security cameras can improve productivity because employees are aware they are being monitored, and can aid in resolving disputes between coworkers. It can also save employees from false claims, providing clear video evidence of the occurrence.

While they have numerous benefits, security cameras can run the risk of over reliance. Workers may depend on the cameras rather than actively checking on the patients, making them susceptible to a negligence claim. Because the security cameras are obviously being implemented, they may be open to tampering or manipulation. As with any type of monitoring, privacy issues arise. So long as the cameras comply with legal standards, they can be utilized ethically and efficiently.

Placement of security cameras in the hospital setting can make or break the security system’s effectiveness. Security cameras should be installed both inside and outside of the building. Both public and restricted access entrances/exits should also be under supervision. Because of the possible dangers, stairwells and elevators should also be monitored.  Security cameras in the hallways will prove helpful as most traffic occurs there. Lastly, installing cameras in parking lots and loading areas will help catch any suspicious activity outside.

The benefits of security cameras in hospitals can outweigh the disadvantages if utilized properly. Feel free to browse our selection of security cameras at SecurityCamExpert or give us a call at 1-888-203-6294.

Security at Large Events

Security is always a major concern, but with large events, like the Olympics or the Super Bowl, the risk is ever increased. Events of that magnitude draw massive crowds and attention, making them prime targets for criminals or terrorists to get noticed or make a point.

Histories of bombings and attacks prove that security measures should be heightened. Participants and attendees alike should be vigilant of their surroundings, but it is also up to authorities and the host of these events to provide safety and protection. With that said, for the upcoming Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, advanced security measures will be employed.

Along with police patrol, drones will be implemented. These drones will act as the all-seeing eyes in the sky, inconspicuously hovering over areas with the ability to zoom in on things like licenses plates and faces. These drones allow comprehensive surveillance to keep everyone safe from potential attacks, bombings or other serious threats.

For the next Super Bowl, security cameras, special sensors, bomb dogs and a 360-degree camera car used to search for suspicious packages are among the various security measures to be utilized. This year, attendees are also discouraged to drive to the game; purchasing a parking permit beforehand is required. These defenses aim to limit possible dangers to keep the masses safe.

While some security measures seem a bit imposing, these precautions are simply going above and beyond to protect the public. With past terrorist attacks and bombings, it is evident that better security and surveillance could have had a positive impact on preventing these catastrophes.

It is important to remember that monitoring the security camera feeds in real-time will act as a preventative measure, rather than review footage after the fact. While the facilities and law enforcement should provide protective services, it is pertinent that you also keep your guard up and watch for suspicious activity.

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