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Security at Large Events

Security is always a major concern, but with large events, like the Olympics or the Super Bowl, the risk is ever increased. Events of that magnitude draw massive crowds and attention, making them prime targets for criminals or terrorists to get noticed or make a point.

Histories of bombings and attacks prove that security measures should be heightened. Participants and attendees alike should be vigilant of their surroundings, but it is also up to authorities and the host of these events to provide safety and protection. With that said, for the upcoming Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, advanced security measures will be employed.

Along with police patrol, drones will be implemented. These drones will act as the all-seeing eyes in the sky, inconspicuously hovering over areas with the ability to zoom in on things like licenses plates and faces. These drones allow comprehensive surveillance to keep everyone safe from potential attacks, bombings or other serious threats.

For the next Super Bowl, security cameras, special sensors, bomb dogs and a 360-degree camera car used to search for suspicious packages are among the various security measures to be utilized. This year, attendees are also discouraged to drive to the game; purchasing a parking permit beforehand is required. These defenses aim to limit possible dangers to keep the masses safe.

While some security measures seem a bit imposing, these precautions are simply going above and beyond to protect the public. With past terrorist attacks and bombings, it is evident that better security and surveillance could have had a positive impact on preventing these catastrophes.

It is important to remember that monitoring the security camera feeds in real-time will act as a preventative measure, rather than review footage after the fact. While the facilities and law enforcement should provide protective services, it is pertinent that you also keep your guard up and watch for suspicious activity.

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