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Stop Elder Abuse With Hidden Security Cameras

Abuse is an ongoing problem and awareness is an important measure to prevent it from happening. Child abuse is always on the radar and on people’s minds, thus nanny cams have gained popularity. But often overlooked are the elderly who can become just as vulnerable with declining health and increased risk for dementia. Nanny cams can be just as helpful with your elders and their caregivers.

Commonly, the help of caregivers are enlisted within the home, so nanny cams and hidden cameras can be extremely beneficial, monitoring activity when you cannot be there. The elderly may also be placed in convalescent homes or assisted living communities. These facilities may or may not utilize security cameras, so it is best to inquire and do extensive research beforehand.

Elder abuse can take various forms, whether it is physical, verbal, emotional or financial abuse or neglect. They can be exploited, berated, or forced to sit in filth because they cannot help themselves.  We fight to keep our children safe but we must also protect our parents and elders.

Our best measure to prevent elder abuse is to catch it early. If you have an in-home caregiver, do a thorough background check. Strategic, covert placement of nanny cams or hidden cameras around the house can help to catch any wrong doing. It is also important to watch for warning signs such as a change in mood or affect, or signs of physical trauma in the form of bruises or bed sores. Listen to what they have to say and take note of body language, especially around the suspected abuser.

Another factor to consider is that the abuser is often a family member. Be wary of the warning signs as well as suspicious behaviors. Nanny cams and hidden cameras can show you how the caregivers act while you’re away and will subside or prove any suspicions you may have.

With the footage from the nanny cams or hidden cameras, you can build a case against the abuser and be sure that justice is served. With children and elders alike, we want to protect them from harm and nanny cams or hidden cameras can help to provide a sense of safety.

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Security Cameras on School Campuses

Controversy has surrounded the safety of our kids in school, but lately problems have been arising with the use of security cameras on school campuses. Will it provide safety or does it impose on privacy? Will they be effective or an expensive nuisance?

Implementing security cameras in schools is an ongoing debate with strong opposition from both sides. While vandalism and theft are a major concern, more serious problems like bullying, abuse and safety overall seem to outshine the rest. With recent and unfortunately common reports of dangerous situations on school campuses, security cameras seem to be wise option for most.

Strategic placement of security cameras on school campuses can help monitor who comes on campus, and watch for any misconduct. Also the presence and knowledge that students are being surveyed may discourage them from misbehaving. But on the other hand, students may learn where blind spots exist and use that to their advantage.

To the same effect, certain areas like restrooms and locker rooms are off limits. Some may argue that security cameras only monitor certain areas, and bad behavior can still occur despite the presence of cameras. Another opposition would be the privacy of the students, and therein lies more problems. Who has access to the surveillance? How will the footage be used? How secure is the connection? Can a hacker intercept the feed and view the footage?

Cost is yet another aspect of this discourse. People in favor of installing security cameras may agree with spending a substantial amount of money to protect their children. But those against the implementation may believe that the funds for the endeavor could go towards improving children’s education.

As evidenced above, many factors apply to the decision of using security cameras on school campuses. Lately, more and more schools are adding them to their security system. The idea is something to think about. We would love to hear your thoughts – join us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, & Pinterest.

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More About HD-SDI Security Cameras

The next big thing in security cameras has actually been around for some time now. Do you own a flat screen, HD television? You can now enjoy the same high definition in your surveillance footage.

HD-SDI security cameras bring enhanced picture quality to your security system. HD-SDI stands for High Definition – Serial Digital Interface. It captures surveillance footage in 1080p resolution, allowing for a much clearer, cleaner and detailed picture.

If you’re thinking of upgrading, standard CCTV equipment may not be compatible, however there are some exceptions. HD-SDI security cameras require an HD-SDI compatible DVR. If you want to add an HD-SDI security camera to your existing system which includes CCTV cameras, there are hybrid DVRs which can support both types. It is best to do some research and be aware of your system’s requirements.

For cabling needs, HD-SDI security cameras generally require RG59 or better coaxial cables. These cables generally transmit up to 300-400 ft. Need a farther reach? An HD-SDI transmission extender could solve that by adding up to 300 ft. Luckily, you may already be utilizing RG59 coaxial cable so additional equipment may be optional.

The HD-SDI technology comes in many forms, whether it be a dome, box or bullet security camera. While it’s the newest sensation in the security camera world, it remains within a reasonable price range. For a slightly higher price than standard definition cameras, you could get better picture quality.

As a cost-effective alternative to network IP cameras and a step up from CCTV, HD-SDI security cameras seem to be worth the upgrade. Still it’s up to personal preference and individual needs. We’d love to hear your thoughts – connect with us on Facebook, Twitter (@SecurityCamXprt), Google+ and Pinterest.

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