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How Much Do Home Security Surveillance Cameras Cost?

Shopping on a budget for a security camera system? It doesn’t have to be that hard. Let help you find smart solutions without breaking the bank.

Our selection of security cameras includes a variety of different styles with varying specifications. We carry security cameras starting as low as $20-$60 and reaching up to $250-$400 depending on specifications. You can pay for better quality and features, or you can get good quality for a decent price. It all depends on how much you can or are willing to spend.

For the most basic security system solutions, you can opt for dummy cameras. Our dummy cameras don’t exceed $30 so you can build a pseudo security system for cheap. Check out this SecurityMan Dummy Indoor Camera, it has a convincing look for a reasonable price.

If you want a functioning security system, dome security cameras and bullet security cameras are common types and low in price. Ours range from $40-$175, all dependent upon picture resolution, special features like night vision or audio components. Still, a great camera can be found for a cost-effective price. Our box cameras hover around the same range, but also require a separate purchase of camera lenses, which can add to overall cost.

As we move up the price ladder, our specialty security cameras like HD-SDI, high resolution, network IP and PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) start around $100 and go up from there. It should be understood that you are paying more for performance and abilities. These cameras offer much better picture and allow you to better manipulate your viewing range. License plate capture cameras have magnificent zoom abilities along with solid resolution, so they can start north of $200.

While offers individual security cameras, we also offer great packaged deals which can significantly assist those on a tight budget. Our camera packages include the basics: DVR (with & without hard drives), cameras, cables and power supplies. Our 4 camera packages range from $249 up to $549, while our 8 camera packages range from $329 up to $567. Our 16 camera packages range from $836-915, but we also offer wireless camera bundles that start as low as $139 and up. Our 4 camera IP/hybrid camera package starts at $399 and you can add more cameras or accessories from there. You can explore our packages options here.

Shop our inventory online and you’ll find security cameras or systems that fit within your budget. Would you rather get a quote based on your needs? Fill out our Free CCTV System Quote and work with our staff to create a security system within your means. Feel free to call us at 1-888-203-6294 with any questions you may have.

Failure To Announce The Implementation of Security Cameras in Colorado

Recently, police in Boulder, Colorado stirred up mixed emotions about the use of security cameras in a public park area. The police quietly installed these security cameras as they are part of a criminal investigation, however, they are in plain sight and not intended for covert surveillance. Some residents would have preferred some type of warning while others oppose the entire idea of being watched, regardless of an announcement. Then there are residents who don’t mind and believe they can help deter crime.

The opposition mainly stems from the failure to announce the implementation of security cameras. As these security cameras are part of a criminal investigation, the police are assuring the residents that pending closure of the investigation, a formal announcement would be made. While some residents believe it’s an invasion of privacy, it is a public park area and the recordings are kept for no more than a few days.

On the other hand, being left out in the dark about this decision could be a larger part of the problem. Not knowing you are being watched can leave you feeling violated, betrayed or embarrassed, which is why residents are unhappy. Ultimately, the goal of the security cameras is to keep the city safe, so the residents should have known about it and been able to express concerns.

The criminal investigation makes this a delicate situation, but if the security cameras are being used for the greater good, collaboration on how to make the system work should be addressed beforehand. Residents should be allowed to voice their opinions and ask questions. Proponents for the security cameras should be able to provide answers and defend what they believe will benefit everyone.

Both side pose valid feelings and concerns, but it is up to Boulder to figure out how to handle the situation. If this were happening to you in your city, how would you feel? How would you expect authorities to handle the situation? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+.

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Indoor Security Cameras

Using indoor security cameras as part of your overall security system can help to put your worries at ease. Whether you’re keeping an eye on your home while you’re on vacation, or you’re making sure your employees are hard at work, implementing indoor security cameras can work in your favor.

There are a few things to consider when installing indoor security cameras. Choosing the right indoor security camera will yield the best, most effective security system. Placement of your indoor security camera plays an important role as well.

Indoor security cameras can rely on a fairly constant light source. However, if monitoring indoors at night is necessary, a camera with infrared lights, or night vision, is critical. This will enable you a suitable picture during the night, when lighting is poor.

Placement of your security cameras can play a large role also. If you’re watching for intruders, aiming cameras at doorways or possible entrances would be wise. Placement near windows could be beneficial as well. If you’re monitoring your workers, places with high foot traffic or aimed directly at cubicles could be productive. The presence alone could motivate your workers to be more conscious of their behavior and work ethic, thus yielding productivity.

There are different styles of indoor security cameras as well. Dome cameras generally tend to blend in better than bullet cameras. But this mainly depends on whether you want to covertly monitor your business or property or let it be known to others that they are under surveillance.

When utilizing security cameras in general, it is important to inform people they are under surveillance. This is most commonly done by posting warning signs. When utilizing hidden security cameras within your home, know that they are not permitted in areas where people assume a reasonable expectation of privacy, such as bathrooms or bedrooms. While these are some general tips, it’s very important to look into your local state laws regarding surveillance.

For your indoor security camera needs, visit us online at We carry a great stock of indoor security cameras and more. If you have any questions or need any help, feel free to give us a call at 1-888-203-6294.

Security Cameras and Local Police Departments

Privacy has always been an issue with security cameras, and lately security cameras seem to be popping up everywhere. Citizens are concerned about their privacy and freedom; being scrutinized under a watchful eye is not a comfortable feeling. To intensify their worries, police are now trying to tap into the private security cameras to help obtain footage of crimes.

In San Jose, a proposal is in the works where homeowners can voluntarily register their private security cameras and be added to a database. This database of home surveillance will help the police easily locate security cameras with potential footage of a crime. Police would have to get permission to remotely access the person’s surveillance footage.

There are people against this proposal, worried that this gives police too much access and fear a Big Brother situation. They say footage will only be accessed with permission and won’t continuously be monitored, but how can people be sure that officers will abide by that? Others worry that police are monitoring footage in order to find problems rather than solving crimes. And how will this affect work ethic? Will access to these cameras result in officers relying on footage and slacking on their duties?

While these are legitimate concerns, residents should consider the benefits they can reap from it as well. Other areas have implemented similar plans and they have proven to be effective, with crime rates declining. Officials also assure that footage is not continuously monitored, instead, when a crime occurs, police will reference the map to find cameras that could possibly contain pertinent footage. Using this map is much easier and less time consuming than going door-to-door trying to track down footage. Lastly, the program is voluntary not mandatory – those against this proposal can opt out.

It’s obvious that much needs to be discussed about this proposal, as both sides have valid points. If these programs continue to be successful we may begin to see more and more areas implementing a sort of “crowdsourcing” of surveillance footage. But then again, if it were to spread,  would we be growing toward a Big Brother situation?

Topics of privacy versus security will continue to be an ongoing debate. Please share your thoughts on this topic – connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest. For your security camera & equipment needs, visit our store online at or give us a call at 1-888-203-6294.

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