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Failure To Announce The Implementation of Security Cameras in Colorado

Recently, police in Boulder, Colorado stirred up mixed emotions about the use of security cameras in a public park area. The police quietly installed these security cameras as they are part of a criminal investigation, however, they are in plain sight and not intended for covert surveillance. Some residents would have preferred some type of warning while others oppose the entire idea of being watched, regardless of an announcement. Then there are residents who don’t mind and believe they can help deter crime.

The opposition mainly stems from the failure to announce the implementation of security cameras. As these security cameras are part of a criminal investigation, the police are assuring the residents that pending closure of the investigation, a formal announcement would be made. While some residents believe it’s an invasion of privacy, it is a public park area and the recordings are kept for no more than a few days.

On the other hand, being left out in the dark about this decision could be a larger part of the problem. Not knowing you are being watched can leave you feeling violated, betrayed or embarrassed, which is why residents are unhappy. Ultimately, the goal of the security cameras is to keep the city safe, so the residents should have known about it and been able to express concerns.

The criminal investigation makes this a delicate situation, but if the security cameras are being used for the greater good, collaboration on how to make the system work should be addressed beforehand. Residents should be allowed to voice their opinions and ask questions. Proponents for the security cameras should be able to provide answers and defend what they believe will benefit everyone.

Both side pose valid feelings and concerns, but it is up to Boulder to figure out how to handle the situation. If this were happening to you in your city, how would you feel? How would you expect authorities to handle the situation? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+.

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