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Cybersecurity Tips For Businesses

Cybersecurity risks are always on the horizon, whether it is your personal or business data. Hackers are relentless and data breaches happen far too often, so cybersecurity should be a top priority. For businesses, the stakes are higher as they house a large amount of sensitive customer information. While firewalls and antivirus software used to be the norm, we must take further measures to protect data. Here are a few ways you can improve your business’s cybersecurity.

  • Update & patch everything in your systems.
    To limit the risk of attacks, be sure that you always use the latest versions of the software installed on your systems. This includes every application on desktop computers, laptops, and mobile devices, as well as the operating system each one is running.As simple as it sounds, you must also consider your customized software as well as the size of your digital environment. If your software is customized, you will need a specific development team to add new features and patch any bugs as needed. In addition, depending on the size of your digital environment, it may take some time to administer updates for numerous devices.
  • Encrypt the data you handle.
    Whether it is customer, employee, or business information, all digital systems manage some sort of sensitive data. With that said, it is ever important to ensure that your information is protected, and that is where encryption enters the equation.While you can simply use the encryption tools that are available in most operating systems, it may help to develop your own encryption solution to fit your specific needs. You may also want to consider using blockchain for your internal network since the digital ledger uses hash codes to encrypt every transaction that happens within its blocks.
  • Mount zero trust networks.
    Zero trust networks identify every network user and verify each device before granting any kind of access. These security protocols are applied regardless of the location the user is trying to access the system from.Also, with zero trust networks, system administrators determine which users may access which parts of the system. This reduces the number of potential attacks while also allowing control to track and trace all access attempts from unauthorized users and any unusual activities and patterns.
  • Keep tight control over your information transfer.
    “Bring your own device” (BYOD) is now a common practice that allows employees to use personal devices for work so that they are more comfortable with the device. While this seems advantageous to both the employees and the business, it presents high risks as these devices can contain sensitive business information (ex. login information, business documents) that may fall into the wrong hands should the device be lost, misplaced, or stolen.If your business employs a BYOD policy, it is up to you to enforce strict rules to minimize risk. You may increase your cybersecurity by moving your services to the cloud so that all the information is stored online rather than in the devices themselves.
  • Teach your employees about secure practices.
    In addition to employing the aforementioned measures, it is crucial that you inform your employees on safe and secure practices. Training should be as comprehensive as possible, starting with the absolute basics, and include everyone that uses your company systems, regardless of the positions they hold.And remember, this type of training should be ongoing. As new employees are hired and as new features, tools and threats appear, further training should be implemented.

Remember, cybersecurity should not be taken lightly. Be sure to implement safe practices within your business as well as your personal data. If you have any other cybersecurity tips and tricks, feel free to share with us and your peers on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

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Cybersecurity Tips For Businesses
Cybersecurity threats are real and potentially damaging. To protect your company, review and implement these smart cybersecurity tips within your business.
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