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As the holiday season rolls in, safety and security become a higher priority. Expensive gifts and holiday vacations are just some of the reasons your property becomes a prime target. Don’t fall victim to an unfortunate and preventable burglary. Follow these tips on how to protect your home while you’re away.

Don’t let intruders know you’re away.

Find ways to make your home look occupied while you’re away. If you’ll be travelling, don’t advertise it. Be wary of what you post on social media sites, as thieves may pose as your “friends.” Have a trusted neighbor or friend pick up your mail rather than stopping it. If you have a landline, turn the ringer down so people won’t hear your calls going unanswered. If possible, set timers on your lights to mimic normal patterns of use.

Make it difficult to break in.

Be sure to lock all windows and doors, and never leave a spare key outside where it can easily be found. Consider reinforcing your locks and doors to help prevent a successful forceful entry. With sliding doors, use a metal or wooden rod along the track as extra defense against intruders. You may also want to think about using an invisible security film to strengthen your windows or glass panes. Trees should be trimmed and ladders should be locked up to prevent climbing to a second story or roof for alternate entry.

Avoid easy hiding areas around your property.

Trees, bushes, and shrubs make it easy for burglars to hide. If you must use plants around your home, thorny plants or bushes can aid protection. Utilize outdoor lighting for driveways, yards, and entrances. Motion sensor lights can scare potential burglars away. Being easily seen and caught is discouraging for them.

Neighbors and friends can be the best allies.

Get to know your neighbors so you can look out for each other. If you’re not as close to your neighbors, have a close friend keep an eye on your place or check in from time to time. Rest easy knowing a simple call or text will keep you in the loop.

Install a home security camera system.

If your budget permits, installing security cameras and a home alarm system can pose as an efficient deterrent to criminals. With visible security cameras and/or noticeable home alarm signs posted outside, burglars will often back off and try to find an easier target. Most security cameras also enable remote viewing from different devices, allowing you to check in on your live feed while you’re away.

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Burglary Prevention Tips
As the season of gift giving nears, burglars begin to perfect their strategies to steal your expensive possessions. Burglars take notice when you’re on vacation, or if your valuables are easily visible by outsiders. Avoid being a prime target by following our tips for burglary prevention.
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