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More About HD-SDI Security Cameras

The next big thing in security cameras has actually been around for some time now. Do you own a flat screen, HD television? You can now enjoy the same high definition in your surveillance footage.

HD-SDI security cameras bring enhanced picture quality to your security system. HD-SDI stands for High Definition – Serial Digital Interface. It captures surveillance footage in 1080p resolution, allowing for a much clearer, cleaner and detailed picture.

If you’re thinking of upgrading, standard CCTV equipment may not be compatible, however there are some exceptions. HD-SDI security cameras require an HD-SDI compatible DVR. If you want to add an HD-SDI security camera to your existing system which includes CCTV cameras, there are hybrid DVRs which can support both types. It is best to do some research and be aware of your system’s requirements.

For cabling needs, HD-SDI security cameras generally require RG59 or better coaxial cables. These cables generally transmit up to 300-400 ft. Need a farther reach? An HD-SDI transmission extender could solve that by adding up to 300 ft. Luckily, you may already be utilizing RG59 coaxial cable so additional equipment may be optional.

The HD-SDI technology comes in many forms, whether it be a dome, box or bullet security camera. While it’s the newest sensation in the security camera world, it remains within a reasonable price range. For a slightly higher price than standard definition cameras, you could get better picture quality.

As a cost-effective alternative to network IP cameras and a step up from CCTV, HD-SDI security cameras seem to be worth the upgrade. Still it’s up to personal preference and individual needs. We’d love to hear your thoughts – connect with us on Facebook, Twitter (@SecurityCamXprt), Google+ and Pinterest.

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