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security cameras in schools

Security Cameras In Schools

In the news recently is Baltimore County’s $3.7 million security system project for elementary schools. After an unfortunate on-campus shooting incident in 2012, plans of heightening security have been in the works and are finally being implemented. As we have previously discussed, security cameras on school campuses proves to be a troublesome topic. While most are in favor of this new security system, there are still others who believe it is an invasion of privacy and a waste of funds.

This project would install at least 3 security cameras at 107 elementary schools along with door locks and card readers. From the security cameras, police would have remote access to a live feed and floor plans. Supporters of the plan believe it will promote safety and help authorities respond in a timely and appropriate manner.

With students aware of being monitored at school, this may change their behavior and could potentially correct misbehavior or decrease bullying on campuses as well. However, this may cause concern to those wary of the security cameras use. The cameras can instill an inappropriate fear, and, in a sense, be “bullying” students to act a certain way. While it may get the job done, how ethical is the method?

Also, will having our children under constant surveillance be too imposing? Some believe it is the direction our society is moving toward so, in a way, we are simply preparing our children for the future. On the other hand, what happened to rights and privacy? How are parents’ concerns being addressed?

Opposition also stems from the cost of the project. Supporters believe the money is being put to good use, while others believe the money can go towards bettering the education system. In this case, the debate becomes safety versus education, which would be a no brainer for most. Essentially, these two go hand in hand; safe environments promote education as better education leads to a smarter, safer future. Parents need to feel comfortable sending their children to a safe school to get a proper education.

As technology advances, security cameras have the potential to become more commonplace nearly everywhere. Those against Big Brother-like surveillance may still fight against it, but it seems we are headed towards a high security, high surveillance existence. We would love to hear your comments on the topic – share them with us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or Pinterest.

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Security Cameras on School Campuses

Controversy has surrounded the safety of our kids in school, but lately problems have been arising with the use of security cameras on school campuses. Will it provide safety or does it impose on privacy? Will they be effective or an expensive nuisance?

Implementing security cameras in schools is an ongoing debate with strong opposition from both sides. While vandalism and theft are a major concern, more serious problems like bullying, abuse and safety overall seem to outshine the rest. With recent and unfortunately common reports of dangerous situations on school campuses, security cameras seem to be wise option for most.

Strategic placement of security cameras on school campuses can help monitor who comes on campus, and watch for any misconduct. Also the presence and knowledge that students are being surveyed may discourage them from misbehaving. But on the other hand, students may learn where blind spots exist and use that to their advantage.

To the same effect, certain areas like restrooms and locker rooms are off limits. Some may argue that security cameras only monitor certain areas, and bad behavior can still occur despite the presence of cameras. Another opposition would be the privacy of the students, and therein lies more problems. Who has access to the surveillance? How will the footage be used? How secure is the connection? Can a hacker intercept the feed and view the footage?

Cost is yet another aspect of this discourse. People in favor of installing security cameras may agree with spending a substantial amount of money to protect their children. But those against the implementation may believe that the funds for the endeavor could go towards improving children’s education.

As evidenced above, many factors apply to the decision of using security cameras on school campuses. Lately, more and more schools are adding them to their security system. The idea is something to think about. We would love to hear your thoughts – join us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, & Pinterest.

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