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Solar Security Camera Systems

With the Green movement gaining momentum, more and more people are becoming eco-conscious. Energy efficiency is an important aspect and solar security camera systems fit right in. To service our eco-friendly customers, will soon carry solar security cameras and systems.

There are numerous upsides to solar security camera systems. First and foremost, energy consumption is diminished. Consequently, systems are wireless, providing better adaptability. Solar security systems will end up saving you money in the long run.

Because all the components of the system are solar powered, the need for direct connection to a power source is diminished. As a result, your energy bill will decrease significantly. The system’s versatility is largely due to its wireless functionality. Solar security cameras can be installed where power sources are not readily available. So long as placement avoids shade or covering of solar panels, which potentially interferes with its natural power source, these systems should work adequately. As with all systems, maintenance should be done periodically to ensure proper functioning. With solar security cameras and systems, you may notice they are much more self-sufficient than the rest.

Solar security camera systems usually incorporate solar powered cameras, motion sensors and lighting systems. Solar powered motion sensors help to conserve power while alerting as soon as motion is detected. Solar powered lighting allows for better picture quality in low light environments. They also allow for greater illumination in specific areas of interest. Paired with motion detection and security cameras, you can identify possible intruders in the night and possibly scare them away.

Various locations can benefit from solar security camera systems. Wide, open environments like oil and gas well sites, construction sites, parks and public recreation areas are great for solar security systems. Due to the lack of power sources and the ample amount of light sources, solar security cameras could thrive whereas other security cameras would be challenging or expensive to install.

We will be carrying solar security camera systems soon – keep an eye out for updates. For now, browse our selection of wireless security cameras, network IP cameras, HD-SDI security cameras and more at Call us toll-free at 1-888-203-6294 to speak to us directly.

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