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IHS Report 2014: Security Camera Systems

By now you know how beneficial security camera systems can be in terms of safety and protection. The popularity of security cameras and CCTV systems seems to be steadily growing. The advances in our technology are expanding our capabilities, adding to the allure of surveillance camera systems. But how many people actually use security cameras?

According to a report from IHS, there were 245 million professionally installed video surveillance cameras active and operational globally in 2014. This number does not reflect the other security camera systems (ex. DIY, plug-and-play) that consumers employ. It is great to see that many people are taking their protection and security seriously and installing security camera systems to combat crimes and burglaries.

Other findings from this research showed that most systems were analog, but it’s estimated that over 20% were network IP cameras, and 2% HD CCTV cameras. Of the study, 68% of installed security cameras were in Asia. Forecasts show that this percentage will increase in the coming years, likely due to the China’s role in the security camera industry.

Depending on the region, you will see different values placed on cost and reliability. For example, in China, prices are relatively low, but there is a higher replacement rate. In Europe and North America, costs are higher as a result of more reliable products that need replacement less frequently.

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