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DIY Home Security Camera System

Ever wondered what you could do with your old cell phones and devices? Of course, if they’re in decent condition, you could make a profit by selling it. But what about those cracked screens or other physical damage? If the camera is working, you can turn those old devices into security camera systems.

If you have an old iPhone or iPad, with the help of an app called Presence, you can create a DIY home security camera system. Both devices are required to download the app, have uninterrupted WiFi connection and a power source. Using one as a camera and the other as a monitor, your home security system is at your fingertips.

If you’re looking for something simple and inexpensive, a DIY home security camera system may be right for you. You can use this system to easily check in on kids, pets, or elderly relatives without installing an elaborate, costly security camera system. The app already employs motion detection and two-way audio and video communication. As these apps advance, even more helpful features will be offered.

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