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Security Drones Capture Up-Close View Of Fireworks Display

We hope everyone enjoyed a fun-filled and safe Fourth of July. Did you catch a public display or legally and safely light your own? Fireworks are a spectacular sight, especially against the backdrop of a dark night sky. Even more breathtaking is the up-close view that drones can achieve. A YouTube search can produce various drone footage of fireworks, but how safe is this practice? Is it time we enforce stricter guidelines on these privately owned devices?

Fireworks safety is a major issue, particularly around this time of year. Adding drones to the mix only heightens the danger. Drones can easily be purchased by inexperienced controllers who may not know how low or high to fly. When capturing footage of fireworks, flying too closely to the display can cause an avoidable accident which may lead to unnecessary injuries. Whether it’s an accidental collision in the air or simply a malfunction of some sort, there are many ways privately owned drones can come crashing down causing more problems below.

While these safety issues arise, use of drones around this time can also be helpful. A recent article stated that a drone caught footage of numerous private fireworks displays in areas where fireworks are prohibited. If the police were to employ drones during this time, with professional controllers, they could potentially catch users of illegal fireworks. This could help decrease fireworks accidents and increase safety among the public.

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