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How Traffic Cameras Improve Safety

Considering all the intersections you have driven through, it’s high likely that you’ve seen a red light camera, keeping a watchful eye over the drivers and pedestrians passing through. Unfortunately, some people may see them as a nuisance, and their benefits are highly underrated. Aside from catching traffic violations, these traffic cameras can catch criminal acts, or provide important information on possible suspects on the run. These benefits prove that traffic cameras should be widely used.

Encourage Safe Driving Habits

The presence of a traffic camera often influences people’s driving behavior in a positive way. For fear of being caught or ticketed, drivers usually slow down and abide by traffic rules. The hope is that this influence will extend far beyond the presence of traffic cameras. Hopefully dangerous driving habits will eventually evolve into safe driving practices, thus increasing safety for everyone.

Help Catch Violators

Aside from influencing behaviors, these traffic cameras can catch those who engage in traffic violations. Ticketing these drivers helps to deter drivers from making the same mistakes again. These traffic cameras can also record license plates and capture still images of faces, cars, or license plates that may have been involved in other crimes. For example, in the case of Amber Alerts, the escape vehicle may be identified on a traffic camera, which will provide information on what time the person crossed that intersection and which direction the person may possibly be headed.

Cost-Effective Alternative

Rather than employing officers at all intersections, the traffic cameras can monitor activity. This allows officers to tend to more pressing duties. Also, when an officer tries to pull someone over for a traffic violation, this can sometimes turn into a dangerous high speed chase. With the traffic cameras, the suspect and his/her vehicle are recorded and can be tracked down in a relatively safe manner.

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