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Learn How Social Media Can Strengthen Security Cameras Systems

Security surveillance cameras and surveillance systems in themselves offer a sense of security. Unfortunately, they don’t guarantee immunity from any crimes or burglaries. They can only offer potentially helpful footage for the case investigation.

The mere presence of security surveillance cameras themselves can prove beneficial to businesses in deterring bad behavior. For situations when this is not the case and crimes do occur, security surveillance camera footage can serve as evidence of the criminal act and aids in identification of suspects or key witnesses. Using social media to circulate these images or footage can help identify criminals faster.

Social media can reach great lengths in a short amount of time. In fact, a Facebook post of a still image from surveillance footage lead to the same day arrest of a robbery suspect. Authorities are catching on and utilizing surveillance footage in conjunction with social media to get the public’s help in finding potential suspects and witnesses. Not everyone watches the news so by sharing or retweeting these posts, a broader audience is reached, increasing visibility and the chance that the suspect will be identified and caught.

While social media can strengthen security cameras systems overall, the security surveillance cameras themselves should be of high quality and reliable. It’s important to invest in systems with features beneficial to your specific environment. Your options should be weighed depending on your needs and budget.

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