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Hospital Video Surveillance Technologies

Hospitals work hard to ensure that they provide a clean and safe environment for patients, visitors, and staff alike. From emergency room visits to hospital admissions, safety precautions are in place to protect everyone involved in the process. While these safety measures are valuable and mostly effective, the addition of security camera technologies can have a positive, lasting impact.

Introducing closed-circuit televisions (CCTV) in hospital and health care settings helps to enhance the safety of patients and workers. One obvious benefit is that being monitored often influences behavior for the better. Workers will be more conscious of their job, helping to eliminate potentially life-threatening mistakes. Unfortunately, unintended retention of foreign objects (URFOs) and hospital acquired infections (HAIs) occur more than they should. However, with video surveillance, these instances can be greatly minimized.

Another useful tool is third-party remote video auditing (RVA). Real-time RVA can help to ensure that hand hygiene and surgical safety checklists are being properly performed and executed. The cleaning techniques of medical devices must be done thoroughly and correctly to minimize the transmission of germs. For example, improperly cleaned duodenoscopes helped fuel the outbreak of carbapenem-resistant enterobacteriaceae (CRE) infections earlier this year. With real-time RVA, cleaning and sanitation techniques can be monitored to ensure that another outbreak does not occur.

RVA technology introduced into the ER can increase patient flow to intensive care units (ICU), labor and delivery/C-section areas, and endoscopy. The ability to monitor protocols, address issues, and improve patient services will eventually lead to happier, healthier patients and more lives saved.

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