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What You Need To Know About Network Video Recorders

Network video recorders, or NVRs, are built to support IP security cameras. NVRs and IP security cameras interact over the same IP network, allowing for wireless connection. For an upgraded, advanced security camera system, switching to IP security cameras and network video recorders is a smart choice.

You have two options when it comes to network video recorders. NVRs can be offered as software only to be installed on a computer dedicated to that system, or you can choose a standalone NVR, with the necessary components built in.

Software for PC-based NVRs may come free with the purchase of your IP security cameras, however, building a PC system dedicated to your security camera system can be costly. While you may use your home computer, having a PC strictly for use with your security camera system may be more secure. Less people will have access to it and risk for obtaining viruses or malware is significantly decreased. PC-based NVRs can be more versatile as upgrading either software or hardware can be easier. For more control over functions and expandability of your network video recorder, a PC-based NVR may suit you better.

Standalone network video recorders can be less complicated to install and use, as everything it needs is embedded within itself. Its compact and straightforward design is user friendly and space efficient. Standalone NVRs are built and optimized to perform specific functions. No other applications can interfere with its performance, greatly decreasing its likelihood of crashing or restarting. While its power consumption is far less than PC-based NVRs, they are limited when it comes to upgrading or expanding memory. If your security camera system is set and expansions are not on the horizon, a standalone NVR may be your best option.

While both types of systems have their advantages and disadvantages, overall, switching from an analog system to an IP system will benefit you in the long run. IP security cameras encode and process the video footage then stream the files to the NVR for viewing and storage. Improved picture quality, better reliability, and faster performance result in upgrading to an IP security camera system.

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