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Can Window Films and Security Screens Help To Keep Our Kids Safe?

With the heartbreakingly common news of schools on lockdown for various safety issues, it’s no surprise that school security is a major concern. Despite attempts to up security measures, these unfortunate events continue. Some occurrences have been stopped before further escalation, proving that our efforts are not in vain. However, this still does little to ease the minds of parents and students alike. With many schools installing more security cameras, having more security presence and implementing stricter visitor policies, there are still incidences when someone slips through the cracks.

Some solutions to these vulnerabilities are window films and screens. While these are not necessarily new products, they have been improved over time and can be helpful. These films and screens work to slow down the efforts to break into the school, possibly buying precious seconds of time to react and possibly save lives.

Window films are placed directly on the window, acting as a reinforcement of sorts, making it harder to break the glass. The new and improved version is tear-resistant with added layers for a stronger hold. It also helps to hold broken glass, preventing shattered glass from flying and possibly injuring others.

Slightly more expensive, yet a bit more effective are security screens. Security screens boast a sturdier barrier for intruders. While neither films nor screens can stop bullets, they do make it nearly impossible to create a larger opening. Another benefit of security screens is that they are more obvious, and can act as a deterrent. If painted black, the screens can provide a tint, almost like a two way mirror. Outsiders can’t see in, but students and staff can view the outside.

These window films and security screens offer additional security from attackers. While they seem like a harmless and helpful security measure, some parents argue that they give the schools a prison look and feel. What do you think about these protective measures? Share your thoughts with us on our social networks – Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or Pinterest. values your security and satisfaction. We offer high quality products to help you secure your home, property or business. Browse our stock online or give us a call at 1-888-203-6294 to place your order.

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