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Security Camera Placement

You can purchase the best security camera on the market and go to all the lengths to get the most advanced technology, but improper placement can interfere with the relevance of your surveillance footage. Security camera placement can make or break your case. At just the right angle, you may be able to identify a person, but even as little as one degree and stealthy maneuvers can keep a person anonymous.

Placing security cameras in high traffic areas is smart, but it is also important to monitor blind spots or areas of low traffic too. Footage of high traffic areas can help to create a timeline for a specific individual if need be. While these high traffic areas can capture many people, areas where foot traffic is slow, or known blind spots, can become hot spots for criminal activity.

It’s common for people to want to place security cameras on ceilings or up high on walls so that a wider area can be monitored. The problem with this placement is that image quality can be compromised when zooming in on a person. This can negatively affect identifying a possible suspect. Also, hats can interfere with getting a clear shot of a person’s face, making is nearly impossible to identify a person.

Better placement for security cameras is at or near eye level. If the cameras catch people’s eyes, they are likely to look straight into the lens, giving a clear shot of their face. This makes it easier to identify possible suspects.

If you’re able to utilize multiple cameras, it’s wise to carefully place the cameras so that they leave no blind spots and footage can be pieced together fairly seamlessly. Placing a camera on a ceiling or up high to oversee an entire room could work within a multiple camera security system, where cameras can be placed at various angles and levels.

One camera could hang above and be able to survey the entire area, while other cameras should be placed closer to eye level for better facial identification. The camera overseeing it all will not be able to zoom in on a person with great clarity, but once identified, surveillance footage from cameras at eye level can be used to identify the individual.

Because people can use hats, umbrellas, or other random objects to block themselves from view of security cameras, it’s important to consider all angles. If you’re able to use multiple cameras, consider the different security camera placements that can catch different, beneficial angles. Catching a criminal off guard can be what gets that person caught and brought to justice.

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