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How To Install The Uniden UDR444 Video Surveillance System

The Uniden UDR444 Video Surveillance System is ideal for home security. Included in the system are 2 weatherproof cameras, along with a 4.3 inch LCD monitor, which also acts as a control panel for your system. Installation is a breeze and can be done with some simple tools. For your convenience, we’ve broken down the steps for you.

Before installing your wireless security cameras, you want to think about the best placement for them. Remember that the clear line of sight video transmission distance is 500 ft. Walls, especially brick and concrete, can interfere and shorten the transmission distance, whereas placement near windows allows for better transmission. You will also want to avoid having direct light sources in the view of your cameras. These direct light sources include street lights, floor or ceiling lamps, etc.

Because these cameras are equipped with built-in infra-red LEDs, you will also want to avoid pointing your camera lenses directly at clear glass as it will cause a blurred image. The LEDs allow for night vision, which enables 24-hour surveillance. These LEDs are activated automatically. Once activated, recordings then switch to black and white. Another thing to keep in mind is that the night viewing range is 40 ft.

The optimized motion detection range is also 40 ft. You should avoid pointing the cameras at bushes, tree branches, or objects that may naturally move due to winds, as these may falsely trigger the motion detection sensor.

The system will alert you with an “Out Of Range” display message if the camera and monitor are too far apart, as well as a Low Battery icon when recharging the battery is necessary.

When installing the cameras, you may want to bring the monitor along to ensure that your camera is in the right position. Out of the box, your monitor should have enough power to last during installation.

The placement of your camera will dictate where the stand should be placed. Mount your camera with the stand:

  • on the bottom if you are placing it on a flat surface, such as a tabletop
  • on the side if you are placing it on a wall
  • on the top it if you are installing it on the ceiling

To mount the camera base, you will need an electric drill, a 5mm drill bit, and a No.2 Phillips screwdriver. Start by holding the base in place where you want to mount it and mark the screw holes. Next, use the 5mm drill bit to drill holes. Then insert the anchors and use the included screws to attach the base to the wall or ceiling. You may also attach the base to a flat surface, like a tabletop, if desired. Before attaching the camera, gently tug at the base to make sure that it is securely in place.

Next, attach the camera bracket to the mounting screw. You can attach the stand to the top or the bottom of the camera as needed. Tighten it with a few turns and then adjust the camera to face the direction that you desire to monitor. Tighten the camera brace up against the camera to secure it into place. Lastly, attach the antenna to the back of the camera. Repeat these steps to install the second camera.

To power up the cameras, connect one end of an AC adapter to the camera’s power pigtail. Use the other end of the AC adapter to plug into a 120 volt AC power outlet, which is usually a standard indoor outlet.

After you install your cameras, you may power up the monitor by pressing and holding the power button on the left side of the monitor for 1-2 seconds. You should see the Uniden title screen and then the live view from your cameras. If necessary, you may adjust the camera position to suit your viewing needs.

Now you have successfully installed your Uniden UDR444 Video Surveillance System. If you have any questions regarding these steps, please contact us. Call 1-888-203-6294 or visit us online at You can also connect with us on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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