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Disney Drones Coming Soon?

Drones have been in the news as of late for many reasons. These unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) seem to be the next big thing when it comes to delivery, whether it be packages to your doorstep, emergency supplies to remote areas, or simply bottles to a table. However, their commercial use has caused quite a stir.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations and privacy issues seem to be the major roadblocks for commercial drone use. However, Disney recently made a surprising move by applying for three patents, which would utilize drones for their entertainment shows. The applications are as follows: Aerial Display System with Floating Pixels, Aerial Display System with Floating Projection Screens, and Aerial Display System with Marionettes Articulated and Supported by Airborne Devices.

What exactly do these patent applications mean? And what role will the drones play in all of this? For now we are left wondering, but we can make likely predictions of what to expect.

According to Disney, “floating pixels” combine picture and element. These, in conjunction with drones carrying projection screen equipment could potentially create a beautiful 3D show conducted in the sky. The special effects that the drones could possibly execute are vast. Drones could act as a marionette for large scale character shows, produce animated 3D images, and more.

Aside from enhancing shows, drones are excellent eyes in the sky. When incidents occur or a child goes missing, drones can provide aerial views for better insight to the situation. Access to this may increase security and decrease problems.

While monitoring from above, drones could possibly capture candid moments between family and friends. These will add to the memories created by photos with characters or semi-candid shots from different rides. People may fancy this idea, but others may argue an invasion of privacy. Moving forward with this idea would warrant much discussion and debate to please the masses.

Drones can also help with parking. Having to pay high rates for parking alone can stress drivers out, let alone navigating through the numerous parking areas trying to find a decent spot. With the aerial view of drones, empty spaces can be spotted and filled more efficiently, cutting down on parking time and possibly reducing stress.

Drones can also play music for guests or better Wi-Fi connection by toting routers. By supplying these amenities, guests may enjoy their overall park experience more. The possibilities are seemingly endless when it comes to the use of drones and our advancing technology.

Can you find any flaws or issues that may arise if these applications and FAA regulations permit the use of drones? Do you think Disney’s implementation of drones will prove successful? Share your thoughts with us on our social networks – Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and Twitter.

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