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Installation Tips For Your Network IP Security Cameras

These days, network IP security cameras are favored over analog security cameras because they offer more advanced features. Benefits include improved image quality, remote accessibility, and simplified installation and integration.

To gain the full amenities of network IP security cameras (or any security cameras), proper installation and placement is key. Follow these tips to maximize the performance of your network IP camera system.


  • Be sure to match UTP connected devices (ex. couplers, modular plugs, wall plates) to the Category of the cable used and remain consistent throughout installation.
  • For optimal performance, by design and specification, cable runs in an IP camera system should not exceed 295 feet.
  • The bend radius for Cat 5e and Cat 6 must be limited to four times the cable diameter, and the acceptable bend radius is no less than 1 inch.
  • While installing Cat 5e or Cat 6 cable, the pull tension cannot exceed 25 pounds.
  • Limit the length before stripping the sheath from a cable in a wall box. That way the excess can be easily pushed back into the wall cavity.
  • Use devices like D rings, bridle rings, and J hooks rather than stapling Cat 5e and Cat 6 cables. This will prevent the risk of altering the outer form or dimensions of the cable.
  • Maintain a parallel distance of 6-10 inches between Cat 5e and Cat 6 cables and high voltage wires (120/240VAC).
  • Strip your Cat 5e and Cat 6 cables back as little as possible when attaching them to connecting devices.
  • Use either the T568A or T568B connection format and stick to that format for the entire installation for consistency.


  • Consider the environment where you will be installing your IP cameras. Take note of things like lighting and conditions when selecting the appropriate camera.
  • When considering placement, be aware of the field of view and potential obstructions.
  • Test the network connectivity in the area where you will place your cameras. Poor connectivity will compromise the camera’s performance.
  • With all outdoor cameras, especially in areas know for lightning, use surge protection.
  • Be sure that your PoE power supply is sufficient for your system. Compute your power load and choose the appropriate PoE power supply.
  • To protect your cameras, use vandal-proof and/or weatherproof housing accordingly.
  • While Cat 6 UTP is the best choice, Cat 5e should suffice for handling most video transport needs.
  • Using fiber instead of metallic will allow you to run camera signals at greater distances and with greater bandwidth.
  • Always use safe installation practices for the safety of yourself and others.

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