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Business Security Misconceptions

As a business, you want to provide a sense of security and safety for both your customers and employees. So long as you continue to provide secure transactions, and safeguard your property and assets around the clock, you afford your business the opportunity for continued success.

You can achieve this level of protection with the right business security camera system. Without a proper security system, you leave your business at risk for theft, vandalism, and other criminal acts. And statistics unfortunately show that businesses are more often targeted than homes.

A business security camera system tailored to your specific needs will improve security, provide evidence as needed, and may even lower your insurance premiums. Despite these benefits, businesses still put themselves at risk by either failing to invest in security cameras or choosing outdated security systems. These actions are often rooted in common misconceptions regarding security systems, such as these.

Myth: Security systems are too expensive.
While they may have had hefty price tags in the past, nowadays there are plenty of high quality and affordable security camera systems on the market. By opting for higher quality systems, you are less likely to encounter performance issues and costly repairs.

Also, the cost of security systems hardly compares to the cost of replacing stolen items. According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, employee theft alone costs an estimated $20 billion to $40 billion per year.

Myth: Any security system is better than no security system.
While shortcuts may be easier, installing dummy cameras or only a few real security cameras still leaves your business vulnerable. Areas may go unmonitored, allowing for any misconduct to go unnoticed.

And with an outdated security system, you may come across issues left and right. Inconsistent performance may mean that break-ins or incidents go undocumented, leaving you with no evidence.

Myth: It’s just too complicated to update your security system.
Some believe that upgrading and updating security systems may take too much time, money, and resources. However, with the right approach, it doesn’t have to be. Aside from updating your network, installation can be rather simple, especially if you hire a professional company. Informing your staff about the change and keeping them in the loop will help the process go smoothly and quickly as well.

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How Security Cameras Can Improve Your Workplace

When you think of security cameras, it’s usually in regards to home protection or public safety. What people tend to overlook is that security camera systems could be very valuable in the workplace.

Security cameras in the workplace can help monitor workplace compliance, efficiency, and safety of workers, as well as safeguard against any thefts or criminal acts. The presence of security cameras may encourage workers be on their best behavior, likely resulting in increased productivity. They may also make employees feel safe in the sense that activity is being monitored, and it is less likely that the area will be targeted.

Security cameras can also help protect employees from workplace injuries. An evaluation of the workspace can help identify any potentially dangerous areas, and improved safety measures can be put into place. On the other hand, security cameras can also protect the business owner from fraudulent claims, as surveillance footage may be used to assess the situation.

Depending on your work environment, different features may be more valuable than others. For example, a license plate reader for the parking lot may or may not be necessary, and the same goes for facial recognition. You may want to consult with a security camera expert to help figure out your needs and what would work best for your particular space.

The basic equipment will include security cameras to suit your needs, a digital video recorder (DVR) or network video recorder (NVR) to record and store your footage, a monitor screen for active surveillance, and possibly a means for remote viewing, such as an accompanying app for your system.

Before installing any security cameras, you should research your local laws concerning video surveillance. Also, you will want to inform your employees about the installation so that everyone is on the same page and understands why and how the security cameras will affect the workplace.

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