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Surveillance Camera System Maintenance Tips

Keeping your property or business safe is a priority and security systems can help, but only if they are properly functioning. Routine maintenance becomes vital to maximize your security system’s potential. Keep the following tips in mind when utilizing a security system.

While you can schedule your provider to come out to do a maintenance check on your system, it may cost money and scheduling an appointment can be troublesome. Conduct these simple checks regularly and eliminate the need to call your provider. System checks should be done every few months, but it may yield better results if done more frequently.

If your surveillance system is a few years old, you may need to make sure it’s working at all. Take a look at your connections – is everything plugged in? Do any wires or cable connections look loose, old, or worn out? If so, it may be time to do some replacing or upgrading.

Power is an important factor for your system. Your system can be in tip-top shape, but without a reliable power supply, your system simply won’t work. Power outages and unexpected power surges can impede performance as well. Be sure you are properly connected to your power supply. If your power supply is old, or connections don’t appear as secure, a new power supply may be necessary.

Examine your security cameras. They may have moved slightly which can throw off your view. Reposition your cameras as needed and check your resolution and frames per second (FPS) to ensure a clear, relevant picture. Also, be mindful of dust – keep your cameras clean so that dust or other particles don’t interfere with the camera lens, compromising proper footage. If you have outdoor cameras encased in housing, be sure to keep the lens clear. If possible, open up the housing and check for any build up or possible wear and tear. Serious problems can result in the need for replacement.

When it comes to your DVR, be sure that you are recording what you want or need to record. Too often people fail realize that they aren’t actually recording. Another problem could be that the footage was recorded over. Be sure you have sufficient space to keep your recordings to avoid losing possible evidence. Optimizing your system will result is the best picture using a minimal amount of space. This will help you get more out of your recording time. You may need to reboot occasionally if you have a digital based DVR – this will allow a rest period and a chance to update if available.

If you encounter any larger problems, it would be wise to contact your provider to alleviate the situation. Otherwise, these tips should help keep your system performing at its best and avoid preventable replacement expenses.

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