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Scene recognition

Scene Recognition Technology

While different types of biometric technology (ex. iris scanners, facial recognition) have been in the news, talk of artificial intelligence (AI), namely scene recognition, has mostly evaded the spotlight. If you are not familiar with scene recognition, it is basically a form of artificial intelligence that allows a device to categorize the features and objects in a photo or video much like our brains would. The process is comparable to the way Google Now or Siri comprehend voice commands, but with visual content instead.

To put the complexity of scene recognition technology into perspective, think about the many ways we can pronounce words and still be understood by a person or device. These possibilities seem minimal in comparison to the different shapes and positions a cat can assume and still be recognized as a cat, for example. This is just one of the many reasons why creating a scene recognition algorithm has been a long time coming. However, we are getting closer to its inception.

The first hints at this come in the form of the Nest Aware feature of the Nest Outdoor Camera. This feature can distinguish between humans and other things, such as a deer or butterfly or other natural phenomena, which may cause movement in a scene. This shows that cameras have the potential to sort useless parts of surveillance footage.

Security cameras with scene recognition could be very beneficial in different settings and scenarios. For example, scene recognition cameras could identify if a robber has entered your home, or, if you are keeping an eye on an elderly loved one remotely, you could be alerted if he or she has fallen. Because this technology takes motion detection much further, it can change the security and surveillance camera industry for the better.

Until scene recognition is more developed and refined, we likely won’t be hearing too much about it. Also, for those wary about surveillance already, having AI within the home may not be as comforting as it may be to others.

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