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Halloween Tips For Your Safety

Whether you’re ready or not, Halloween week is finally here. This year, Halloween happens to fall on a Saturday, which could mean heavier traffic all around. Keep yourself, your loved ones, and those around you safe with these tips.

Secure Entrances
Because you can expect trick-or-treaters all night, some people may opt to leave their doors unlocked and/or unattended. However, you never know who’s lurking around, especially since costumes can easily mask a person’s identity. To be safe, stay close to your front door and keep it closed and locked. You may also opt to sit in the driveway to pass out candy, but be sure that all your other entrances are locked and someone is able to keep watch if your garage remains open.

Smart Lighting
Lighting is important since nightfall can make it hard to see. But as alluring as candles are, they are a fire hazard. For a safer alternative, try battery powered tea lights for your jack-o’-lanterns or Christmas lights to light up your walkway.

Safe Spooks & Scares
Spooky Halloween décor is always fun, but be sure that any potential malfunctions will not injure your visitors.

Protect Your Pets
Halloween is often a lively night. It’s likely that you want your furry friends to join in the fun, but overstimulation can frighten or overwhelm them. For your pet’s and everyone’s safety, keep them locked up until the celebrations die down.

Careful Costume Choices
As previously stated, it is harder to see at night, and with heavy foot traffic on the streets, pedestrian danger is increased. Drivers should be extra cautious, but it will help to add reflective tape to costumes and treat bags to ensure that trick-or-treaters are more easily seen.

You also want to make sure that your kids’ costumes are comfortable and not too restrictive or inconvenient. Props should be lightweight and easy to carry around, and wigs, masks, or ill-fitting pieces should be avoided.

Keep An Eye Out
Because this is a higher risk holiday, be sure to remain vigilant. If you are going out for the night, be sure that everything is locked up, and if you have an alarm or security cameras, be sure they are activated and properly working. Real time text or email alerts from your home security systems can help ease your mind while you’re away.

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