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Mistletoe Drones Spread The Holiday Spirit

During the holiday season, the big guns come out and innovative tech gadgets hit the market. It’s always fun to see what’s offered during this time. It seems this year the buzz surrounds new wearable tech, smart devices, and commercial drones. TGI Fridays decided to take this technology a step further and use drones to spread some holiday cheer within their restaurant.

The Fridays Mobile Mistletoe is a mistletoe carrying drone which travels around the restaurant and hovers over unsuspecting couples. Per mistletoe tradition, the pair is supposed to kiss. The drone then captures the magic moment on its camera.

A pilot program was originally launched at the TGI Fridays Manchester Royal Exchange restaurant in the United Kingdom. The positive response inspired locations in New York Westbury and Brooklyn to introduce these holiday drones into their restaurants.

The concept of a mistletoe drone is festive and smart, but the execution could potentially cause problems. As the Brooklyn location rolled out the Mobile Mistletoe, it is reported that a person suffered a minor injury from the drone. This may cause legal concern for both the establishment as well as concerns about personal safety among diners.

In addition to injury risk, questions arise about the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations on commercial drones. However, since these drones are being used indoors as opposed to outdoors, jurisdiction becomes cloudy.

What do you think about the Fridays Mobile Mistletoe drone? If your local Fridays restaurant had them, would they entice or discourage you from dining there? Share your thoughts with us. Connect with us on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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