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Home Alarm Systems

Home alarm systems can give you peace of mind while you’re away, but they can sometimes cost an arm and a leg. With proper research and strategic planning, you can either find a home alarm system within your budget, or utilize certain techniques to protect your home. The consensus seems to be that home alarm systems are worth the investment.

You have two options when it comes to home alarm systems – wired or wireless. Wired systems are secured through intricate cabling that should be deliberately hidden or run within walls to prevent tampering. While wired systems tend to cost less, they do require cabling work, and if cables are found, they are vulnerable to system disablement.

Wireless systems eliminate the needs for wiring, and allow the system to span larger areas. They are also more convenient for renters as they can be uninstalled and reinstalled fairly easily. Their power comes from batteries so it’s important to be sure that equipment is adequately charged and working properly. While wireless systems often provide more convenience, they tend to be priced a little higher as well.

Whichever fits within your budget and needs should be invested in. But if neither fit within your budget, there are simple tactics to employ to dissuade potential burglars from targeting your home.

Be aware of what can be seen from outside your home. If your flat screen television or laptops can be seen from outside, you may want to reconsider placement or utilize curtains or blinds. You may also want to make it appear as if people are home, even if no one is. Leave a light on or leave a car in the driveway so your house does not seem completely vulnerable. If possible, have a friend or neighbor periodically check on your home and pick up your mail. An accumulation of mail or newspapers is a dead giveaway for an unattended home. Lastly, reinforcing locks on doors and windows or large fences around your perimeter can help add an extra layer of protection.

At, we offer wireless home alarm units. Our home alarm bundles range from $94.99-$169.99, providing you with the basics. You can add additional products to your system or build your own system with items starting as low as $24.

Browse our stock online or give us a call at 1-888-203-6294. Our staff is always happy to help you with your security system needs.

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