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Smart Home Security Systems

Smart homes or home automation is being more commonly used as the ability to control various aspects remotely proves convenient for most. This enables us to manage home alarms, lighting and such from our smart devices through the internet. This convenience can come at a cost – with access being provided through the internet, home automation systems become vulnerable to hackers.

Home automation can prove to be very beneficial, allowing you to monitor your home while you’re away and even let people into your home without having to disperse copies of keys. You can control your energy consumption to cut costs on bills, or you can make it appear as if someone is home while you’re on vacation. These provide easier means to protect you from physical threats, but utilizing the internet for controls opens your system up to potential security breaches. One wrong move and strangers can gain access to your home security.

However, there are ways to carefully and wisely implement a home automation system. A complex encryption and strong passwords can decrease your system’s weaknesses. Work with your vendor to find out specific details about their encryption and security measures to protect your systems.

If you’re controlling different aspects of home automation, it might be wise to use different user ids and passwords so that if one control is compromised, the rest of your system remains intact. The complexity and strength of your passwords will help a great deal as well.

One last caution is downloading apps on your smart devices. These may require access to networks or make you susceptible to malicious content. Always review the permissions the app requires and be wary of those that need access to your network.

Overall, smart use of home automation can provide endless benefits. When dealing with sensitive information relating to security and safety, always proceed with caution. Know the risks and how you can protect yourself before diving in. As our technology continues to advance, so, too, does the knowledge of hackers.

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