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BBQ Safety Tips

With Memorial Day approaching, many of us may be dusting off our barbecue grills. Whether you consider yourself to be a grill master or a novice, it’s wise to review some barbecue safety tips and tricks. Remember that the U.S. Fire Administration estimates roughly 6,500 grill fires will occur, resulting in hefty property damages. You never know what could happen, and you’re better safe than sorry, right?

You want to set up shop in a well-ventilated area. An open area away from buildings and high traffic is ideal. Aside from good ventilation, you want to steer clear of any falling debris (ex. dry leaves) or anything overhead that could catch fire.

Take your time when lighting the grill. If it doesn’t start right away, don’t keep pushing the ignite button. Since gas has been leaking since you first turned on the burner, you should turn off the gas and allow the gas to dissipate before trying again. Because gas is heavier than air, you will want to wait at least a few minutes.

Watch The Grill
Never leave your grill unattended. Never. While this seems like common sense, we often overlook this. Especially with children running around, always make sure someone is manning the grill.

Avoid loose attire or anything that hangs which could possible catch fire. While you may want to look cute for your get together, safety should always come first. And you can always change after the grilling is done.

Food Safety
Aside from fire hazards, food safety is important, too. Remember that any marinade that has touched raw meat is not safe to reuse for basting (unless it was brought to a rolling boil). You also want to avoid reusing any cooking utensils that touched uncooked meat.

A meat thermometer is a smart thing to have on hand when grilling. No matter how experienced you are, it doesn’t hurt to double check your grilling skills. Also, be sure not to leave anything raw out for too long. According to the FDA, raw foods should be left out no longer than two-hours.

Unless it’s an adults-only party, please keep a close eye on the little ones. Try to keep the grill away from the dining and entertaining areas to avoid kids running around the dangerous area.

Owner’s Manual
It’s okay to take a peek at the Owner’s Manual if you need to. It is also a good idea to read the manual before you start using your grill in the first place. It can afford you with helpful information on how to properly use your barbecue grill.

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