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Facial Recognition: The Newest Addition To Home Security

Debuted at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, the Netatmo Welcome camera is a new endeavor for the company. More prominently known for its weather station, this home security camera keeps you connected to your live feed for better home security.

What sets the Netatmo Welcome camera apart from the rest is its excellent features. You can stay connected through iOS, Android, or PC/MAC apps to remotely view your feed. The camera itself boasts 1080p, 130 degree field of view plus infrared LEDs enabling night vision, and, most impressively, facial recognition. More and more cameras are being equipped with facial recognition technology, but its entrance into the home security field is brilliant. You can track the in home activity of your family members and be alerted when an unrecognized person is in your home.

Of course, privacy concerns will always arise. The camera records all data on a local SD card rather than being uploaded to the Cloud, and the live stream “is secured by a bank-level encrypted connection.” And, with companion apps and accessories, you can choose how closely you monitor each person within your home, at what times, as well as determine which type of notifications you would like to receive. You can also monitor when doors or windows open or close.

A release date is yet to be determined. For now, we want to hear your thoughts on the Welcome camera. Do you like the idea of facial recognition and keeping tabs on the people within your home? Do you think this home security camera will be a hit when it becomes available? Share your thoughts with us on our social networks – Facebook, Google+, Twitter, or Pinterest.

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Can We Prevent Drowsy Or Distracted Driving With Facial Recognition?

Facial recognition has come a long way. What once was portrayed as fictional, futuristic technology seen in television and movies has come to life and has been helpful in identifying suspects and solving crimes. As technology continues to advance, the application of facial recognition and related technology broadens. But did you ever imagine that facial recognition could help to make the roads safer? GM seems to be in the works of implementing facial recognition cameras into their cars.

You might wonder how a car could benefit from facial recognition technology. The answer is quite simple. A camera with facial recognition could watch your movements and distinguish dangerous behaviors. For example, maybe you’re falling asleep or texting while driving. The camera would detect this and alert you. These cameras could potentially help to decrease accidents and increase road safety.

It seems GM is attempting to bring this technology to their cars. They have declined to comment, however, there’s speculation that a collaboration with Seeing Machines, a company specializing in intelligent sensing technology, will hit the market in the future. It’s still unclear which cars will come equipped with these devices nor has a release date been set.

While GM may be the first to actually implement it, a few other companies have flirted with the idea. Ford presented Project Mobii, which is more focused on tailoring driver-car interaction based on eye and hand movements. Volvo’s Driver State Estimation system uses infrared to identify and track the eye movements of drivers. Both systems would aim to enhance the driver experience while providing a safe way to navigate your car’s features.

Sounds ideal right? While the intentions are good, privacy and security concerns arise. Most newer cars “are connected to the cloud through built-in or tethered cellular phone-based telematics.” Many are weary of the Cloud and previous issues with car tapping have occurred.

Despite potential security flaws, what are your thoughts on implementing these features in our cars? While it was only time that these technologies were pushed to the forefront, do you believe these will be advantageous or pose more of a distraction? We would love to hear from you – connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest. offers a great selection of security cameras, CCTV system packages, NVRs, DVRs and more. Choose us for your security camera system needs. Visit us online or give us a call at 1-888-203-6294. We are happy to help you find the perfect system for you.

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