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How To Buy Security Camera Systems On A Budget?

Purchasing and implementing a security camera system may seem like a time-consuming and costly endeavor, however, there are plenty of examples of why this isn’t so. Recently, a middle school raised its own funds to install their own security system. It took some time to raise funds, but the wait was worth the end result. While there may not be legions on people willing to help fund your quest for a security system, there are affordable options out there.

Before you begin to search for a security camera system, it is wise to evaluate your budget as well as the area you would like to secure. Are you looking for a home security system? Are you securing your business office? Do you only want to monitor indoors, outdoors, or both? For your convenience, offers a free quote based on your needs.

For those relatively unfamiliar with security camera systems or those looking for a deal, security system packages are a smart choice. These packages can set you back a few hundred or so, depending on the number of cameras and specifications, but they provide the fundamental components to get you started. These systems allow you install a security system and, as funds permit, possibly upgrade or add equipment in the future.

If you have room to spend a bit more, you can build your own system tailored to your needs. The equipment is available individually, but prices can vary depending on resolution, camera type, etc. A basic security camera can start around $40-50 and go up from there depending on camera style and advanced features. Security cameras come in various styles with a wide range of features. Choose from bullet, dome, or box cameras with night vision, high resolution, PTZ abilities and more.

Digital video recorders, or DVRs, are a necessary expense. These can start in the low hundreds and up. It is wise to choose a DVR that comes with a hard drive for convenience and cost. Depending on how many cameras you will be installing, be sure to get a DVR that will support them. For example, 4 channel DVRs can support up to 4 cameras, 8 channel DVRs can support up to 8 cameras, and so on. While a DVR with fewer channels may cost less, if you plan on building your system in the future, you may want to purchase a DVR with more channels.

Proper power supplies and cabling are vital to your system as well. To save space and money, investing in 2 in 1 cables, such as video and power cables, will allow connection consolidation. Placing your security cameras close to a power source can help cut cost a bit as the length of the cables can sometimes add to its price.

For the best deal, choose a complete security camera system package that best meets your needs. If you prefer to choose your equipment and specifications, can help you build a cost-effective security system. We will gladly work with your budget and answer any questions you may have. Visit us online or give us a call at 1-888-203-6294 to speak with us directly.

What you need to know before installing audio cameras

When reviewing your surveillance footage, have you ever wondered what the people in the video are saying? If you install an audio camera, you would no longer have to wonder.

Audio cameras are security cameras with built-in microphones. The added audio aspect to video footage greatly enhances surveillance systems. When pictures are unclear, or individuals are just out of viewing range, the audio can help identify the person(s).

When installing an audio camera, it is important to consider the connections required for audio input. Be sure that your DVR is able to support the audio feature, or you may be inclined to take advantage of RCA connectors or AV (audio & video) cables. These options may limit confusion as less excess equipment is required.

Another crucial aspect is the fact that people must be informed that audio security cameras are being employed. It must be explicitly stated so that people are aware that they are being recorded, both visually and audibly. It is likely that you have seen these signs in various stores or banks stating that you are being monitored. This warning could very well prevent a crime from happening as criminals will fear being caught.

Audio Security Cameras

Find the right audio security camera for you!

Still, there is controversy over the invasive nature of audio security cameras, as well as security cameras in general, especially in public places. While there are laws to regulate audio security camera use, people still believe it is a gross invasion of privacy. On the other hand, audio security cameras can be extremely helpful when catching criminals or thieves. Video surveillance with an audio component can provide compelling evidence when convicting a criminal.

Use of audio cameras within your security system is solely up to you. Weighing options will help you decide whether audio security cameras are right for your system. If you need any assistance, visit us at or give us a call at 1-888-203-6294.

What Special Feature Makes Bullet Cameras So Convenient?

Bullet cameras vary in size and shape, but overall are compact security cameras. They resemble a bullet shell casing, thus their namesake. Their size can range from an aluminum can to a tube of lipstick. The bullet camera is basically a petite version of a regular security camera. Bullet cameras have the same capabilities but delivered in a much smaller format. This, in turn, makes the bullet camera a much more convenient, cost-effective alternative for surveillance.

Thanks to the bullet camera’s tiny shape, they are much easier to install. There is often no need for assembly after purchasing as they are usually already put together. Luckily, these cameras can be used indoors or outdoors. Despite the location of its use, the bullet security camera can utilize infrared sensors which allow for quality recordings in various light settings. Bullet cameras may also be available in black and white or color picture, as well as high resolution or HD. Because of its diminutive size, covert surveillance is easier.

Bullet Security Cameras

Bullet cameras are compact, discreet and cost-effective.

Bullet cameras can be mounted indoors, hidden by a hanging plant or tucked discreetly in a corner. When mounting outdoors, bullet cameras often fit nicely on a wall, placed closely to the roof. Protective housing can be added to bullet cameras to maintain quality.

Often compared to dome cameras because of their similarities in functions, bullet cameras hold the upper hand in long range monitoring. Bullet security cameras can have larger lens which increase range vision, whereas dome cameras are fairly limited by their shape. Also, since bullet cameras are slightly more obvious than dome cameras, their presence can discourage criminals from acting out. After mounting, repositioning and changing of angles is much easier for bullet cameras than dome cameras.

When searching for a security camera, it is important to carefully study your needs, know your budget and weigh your options. Bullet cameras boast numerous features for a decent price, but they may not suit your needs. After evaluating your requirements, you may find that bullet cameras may or may not be a feasible choice for your system.

Browse our bullet camera selection and more at or give us a call at 1-888-203-6294 to have your questions answered by our accommodating staff.

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