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Surveillance Gets A Makeover With The Camio App

Security cameras can be very helpful in protecting your home and capturing important footage. However, most of the footage captured is uneventful and mundane, wasting precious storage space, energy and time. With the new Camio app, problems like this can easily be solved.

The Camio app, created by ex-Google employee Carter Maslan, works with images captured from a smartphone camera and uses special algorithms. These specialized algorithms help to detect humans and identify ordinary events from extraordinary events. For example, the changing of lighting would be deemed ordinary, versus a window breaking, which would be extraordinary. From there, Camio dictates which footage gets stored in the cloud or discarded. What is stored can then be searched with common keywords.

By utilizing selective storage, reviewing footage becomes much easier, as you need not sift through useless footage. Instead, you have a record of “extraordinary” events. Since less data is being uploaded for storage, the Camio app consumes a considerably smaller amount of bandwidth. Also, surveillance recordings are protected with encryption as well as a password for accessing stored videos.

Most customers employ the Camio app for monitoring pets, nannies, or even babies and kids. However, Maslan believes small to medium-sized businesses could benefit from this service, thanks to its ease of use and substantial affordability.

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