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Security Surveillance Systems Capture Ghost Walking Through Disneyland

You may have seen this before, but Disneyland surveillance footage from 2009 has resurfaced showing what looks like a ghost roaming around the park after hours. Could it be?

It may take a few views to see what everyone else is seeing, but a spooky apparition appears to be roaming around the empty amusement park near the Haunted Mansion and Rivers of America area. Could he have escaped the Haunted Mansion to enjoy the park to himself?

There is plenty of speculation on what this could be, ranging from Walt Disney’s spirit to the unknown. Others more practically infer that a reusing of VHS surveillance tapes produced this strange and ambiguous footage. We understand this video is old, but if Disney is still using VHS tapes to record and store their surveillance footage, they may want to upgrade to digital video recorders or network video recorders.

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Disneyland Surveillance Cameras Capture Ghost
Is the Happiest Place on Earth haunted? You be the judge. Check out this resurfaced surveillance footage that shows something’s going on after hours.
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