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The Importance Of Image Sensors For High Resolution Cameras

High resolution surveillance cameras can greatly improve you security camera system. Providing quality recordings can produce excellent footage and possible evidence for crimes. These cameras deliver high resolution through the employment of CCD Image sensors. Image sensors dictate how much light is let in, thus determining the ultimate outcome of the picture. To understand high resolution security cameras and image sensors, we will first discuss pixels.

Very simply, pixels are tiny dots that make up a picture. It’s likely you’ve heard the term “megapixel” before, related to either that digital camera you have or the specs of the camera on your smart phone. It’s widely assumed that the higher the megapixel count, the better the image quality. While this can hold true at times, it is not always the case. Megapixels are calculated by multiplying the pixel dimensions, therefore, the higher the megapixel count, the increased number of pixels there are in an image. For high resolution cameras, high megapixel counts paired with a proper image sensors help to deliver better recordings and image details.

Image sensors work with pixels by defining light exposure and converting it into the appropriate number of electrons. The amount of light and electrons are directly related; more light exposure results in more electrons. There are two main types of image sensors, one being CMOS (complementary metal-oxide semiconductor) and the other, CCD (charge-coupled device), which is used in high resolution security cameras. Both are useful and efficient with strengths and weaknesses in different areas.

CMOS image sensors tend to have lower photosensitivity and more susceptibility to noise. They usually have lower power consumption, are easy to produce, somewhat more versatile and cost less than CCD image sensors.

CCD image sensors usually produce high-quality, low-noise images. Thanks to their high sensitivity to light, these image sensors produce better images in low light environments. The downside to this is that they consume considerably more power than CMOS image sensors. Since CCD image sensors have been around longer, they have more sophisticated features and more pixels. Because of this, they provide excellent footage, thus, are better suited for high resolution security cameras.

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